Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Realistic Delirium Tremens? No, something infinitely more pleasant.

Round dining tables.

Round. Continuous, graceful, complete. I like round, very much. So I am pleased to see round tables cropping up in the latest issues of the shelter mags.

Mary Douglas Drysdale, TraditionalHome. Space is at a premium in this Georgetown townhouse. A lovely round does double duty as hall table for everyday and pulled into the adjacent room for use as a dining table. The floor is graphic and geometric, but done in lighter tones that provide contrast for the table. If Ms. Drysdale had used a rug, it would have made the space feel smaller than it actually is.

Round tables are a great choice for small rooms.

I think they are the best choice for square, or nearly square, small dining rooms. I've had more than one client struggle with a standard rectangular dining table in a small square room. It doesn't work well. Add a china cabinet and buffet to the rectangular table? Our smallish square dining room is a biggish challenge.

David Easton, Architectural Design. A tea table works for breakfast and as a side table.

Then there's portability and multi-function. The two tables above are great examples. 

I like furniture that we can move easily. I like it even better if it can be used for more than one purpose. Tobi Fairley's ottomans (below) can be moved about the room for more seating when entertaining or pulled up to the wing chair or sofa to rest your feet while reading the Sunday paper.

Tobi Fairley's room for the Richmond Showhouse, Traditional Home. I like how Tobi used red at different levels to integrate and accent. At the floor on the table feet, mid-way on the table top and pillow on the wing chair, the bands on the drapes vertically draw the eye up to appreciate the beautiful architectural details and blue ceiling, and then Tobi's signature red lantern.

Lynn Morgan. What a lovely spot for breakfast or lunch. More graphic stripes on the floor.

On the cover of Traditional Home, Jeff Andrews. Eclectic. Resisting the urge to balance the right window by placing art on the left wall lets the life-size cranes be fully appreciated when the diners are seated and when passing through the house. 

in the same issue of Traditional Home, a traditional pedestal table with edgy upholstery, by Megan Perry Yorgancioglu.  Another graphic floor and a lantern.

Next post we'll look at what to look for in a round table and some favorite rounds we can actually buy.

Do you have a round dining or tea table?

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Linda Pakravan

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  1. I'm a huge fan of round dining room tables. Unfortunately, I don't have one :(

  2. I would never have anything but a round dining table - unfortunately we live in a shoebox house with no dining table so I will have to settle for ogling at these beauties!

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  4. I also love round tables! The Jeff Andrews room is pretty great too. The round table really lets you focus on all the other cool aspects in the room!


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