More RDT's

My last post featured beautiful round tables in beautiful rooms. Here are round tables you might consider for your beautiful room.

Kravet's Vase Round Table

Available space and how many guests can be seated are the usual firsts to consider. When space is tight, a 24" round end table can also be used for dinner for two.

A 36" will seat 4.

Blu Dot hails from my home state, Minnesota. Their sassy Sprout table is a colorful nod to mid-century design interpreted for today: "useful, affordable and desirable".

You might squeeze 5 at 40" round.

Patched Butcher  Block table, 40",  www.Wisteria.com
A 48" will seat 6. A 52" or 54" will serve 7.

Kent Table from Mr. Brown Home, oak, pleasingly rustic, comes in a 48", 60",  or a 72".

 David Francis' furniture is expertly crafted with sustainable practices from renewable bamboo, rattan, abaca, and lampacanay. 

A party of 8 will easily fit at a 60" round.

Lille dining table, 60", from Shine by S.H.O.

the Nixon Table, 54", from design powerhouse Jonathan Adler, several top options.

For a party of 12, size matters. You'll need at least a 72"round.
French Dining Table from Michael Smith. Try as I might, I could not find a better picture of what I am sure is a lovely table. This one is 66" with a leaf that expands it to 78" -- big enough for 12. What a party that will be!

Lovingly made in America, the Mark Round Table from Kindel

Tomorrow I'm off to ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), Then on to BlogFest 2012. If it is anything like last year, I'll have some fabulous things to show you!

Any of these tables strike your fancy?

thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. The Blue Dot is very cool; would love to see it in orange and green!

  2. Anonymous31.5.12

    The Mark Round Table by Kindel: a table of substance!! Love it.


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