Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog Fest 2012 and Kips Bay

The brainchild of Kravet, Blog Fest is three days of learning, networking and design nirvana. 2012 is Blog Fest's second of what I hope becomes an annual event. 

The venue for Blog Fest 2012's kick off was none other than Kips Bay Show House. Architectural Digest sponsored the private tour and arranged for some of the rooms' designers to be on hand -- in person, in their rooms, ready and willing to chat. Heaven.

Design by Bryant Keller, photo by Trevor Tondro for the NYTimes. I could not get a picture of this foyer, there were too many people in it. This wallpaper was designed in the 1940s by Flora Scalamandre and is as popular today as it was more than half a century ago.

Make that double heaven. Kips Bay is usually in a Manhattan brownstone or town house. They couldn't get one so the developer of a 40 story condo building offered the use of two empty but adjacent duplexes. A little more than 6,000 square feet each, there were rooms a plenty chock full of inspirational eye candy. Kips Bay, now in its 40th year, is open through June 14th. If you're in New York City, go see it.

Alexa Hampton's master bedroom is a comfortably elegant retreat. It is, I think, a perfect example of melding modern architecture and traditional style. 

prints of classic architecture greet you as the door opens. photo by Linda Pakravan

But Ms. Hampton goes further and creates a pleasing balance of masculine and feminine elements. The room is grounded by a well-worn rug, nearly threadbare in spots, contrasting with the shiny new of the lacquer walls and ceiling.

a slight turn of the head to the right for the room and its view. Mounting the bed canopy directly to the ceiling gives a cozy effect without bisecting the room as can happen when a canopy frame with legs is used.  photo by Linda Pakravan 

The vast expanse of rectangular glass windows are given a curved frame of fringed swags. The curve is again echoed by the desk and chair legs. I like the restraint shown by pleating the bed canopy rather than using the same swag style as on the window.

a better look at the Regency desk and chair. I love a good curve. photo by Linda Pakravan

I heard one designer say that Ms. Hampton's traditional drapes and swags had been criticized as passe. The first thought that popped in my head when I walked in this room was, "good for her!" (Alexa! not the designer nor the critics). I hope this brave move is accepted and we start to see more depth in design for windows.

the antique screen. photo by Linda Pakravan

a better look at the screen and the fresh flowers. photo by Linda Pakravan

is there a room that does not benefit from a little animal print? photo by Linda Pakravan

the raised panel doors and mahogany stain reinforce the masculine feel; the tassels suggest a feminine presence. This  should be the door to the master bath and closets -- they were not on the tour. Note on the right how the HVAC panel cover is lacquered same as walls. Normally I am an "all or nothing" kind of girl when it comes to trim. Either all painted or all stained. I'm surprised how much I like this combo here; the painted trim really sets off the beautiful stained doors. photo by Linda Pakravan

the night stand on the right side of the bed. photo by Linda Pakravan

and the night stand to the left of the bed. Unmatched tables and lamps make your room look like a home, like someone actually lives there. Matching lamps and nightstands work in furniture stores, only. But feel free to let me know your thoughts otherwise. photo by Linda Pakravan 

and here's the underside of the bed canopy.  the cording is a nice touch. photo by Linda Pakravan

I'll show you more rooms by other designers in separate posts. I can only take so much eye candy at a time...not really, but you might like a break.

What are your thoughts on this room? 

thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. What a gorgeous room. The lacquered walls are totally unexpected.


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