yes, it's Formica

Old school medical practice check-in. That's Dr. T, as per usual, walking fast. Man on a mission.

Remember I posted on Formica's Comeback? Including a nice pic of Formica's new 180fx laminates?


I used the 180fx La Dolce Vita pattern for a medical practice transaction counter. Expertly fabricated by Gary and the gang at JCW Countertops.

A few other changes made a big difference.

I took down the sliding glass windows. That glass was nothing but a problem. It was unfriendly; a physical barrier between staff and clients. It enclosed the work space compromising the old, old HVAC system, it was either unbearably hot or ridiculously cold. And that blasted track!

smack in the middle making it difficult to fill out forms. All gone.

Under the counter, I installed an impact resistant and decorative product -- it mimics hammered metal. This product can take some real abuse, like being bashed by a stroller plus fingerprints don't show (much).

Then I took down the wall cabinet.

Flipped it upside down, had a base built, paint, new hardware, and had a glass top made to protect it.

Formica's 180fx are true-to-scale granite patterns on 4'x8' sheets of laminate. This is a genius idea, there are no pattern repeats which are a dead give away with laminate. The down side is the edge detail is a dead give away that it is not real stone. But that's OK. Not every kitchen and bath needs to be clad in stone.

Formica's 180fx stone look patterns are perfect when real stone is impractical or exceeds the project's financial parameters (another of my alternate phrases for the b word).

I'd put this in my lake house (if I had one) or my ski condo (if I had one) or my rental property (if I had one).

All in all, a great value for the right application.

Will I use Formica's 180fx stone alikes again? For the right project, definitely.

This post was NOT sponsored or solicited by Formica.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


Happy Weekend

Every Friday after work I take a tour of my garden. 
Do some deadheading and cut whatever looks good and pop it in a vase for the table in the foyer.
And then practice taking pictures.

The ruffled edge daylillies have a lovely fragrance. 
The pinker ones have almost no fragrance. 
The green foliage is baptisia. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan