The Real Reason We Have Thanksgiving

November is a cruel month here in New England.

It gets off to a beautiful start. The grass is still green. Makes the leaves look heartbreakingly gorgeous. One or two pieces of Hallow e'en candy still tucked away.

Then Daylight Savings Time ends. By November's third week, the 4:30 PM sky is the color of dark one step lighter than pitch black.

"You know nothing Jon Snow."

The howling Northeast wind blasts across the gray, gray sky dumping rain and the occasional snow squall. A Nor'easter wind does not kid around, it clamors at the window like a wild animal. Cold. Hungry. It wants in.

Clearly our wretched November weather is the real reason behind Thanksgiving. A small contingent of Pilgrims suffered from SAD, Seasonally Affected Disorder.

Except back in the day it was common, ordinary, lower case sad.

1952. MGM's Plymouth Adventure.
Van Johnson plays John Alden.

Visualize the scene with Jon Snow as John Alden rather than baby face Van Johnson. Slot in anyone who looks good in uniform for Myles Standish.

JOHN ALDEN played by Jon Snow
Myles, think you not Lady Priscilla is powerful sad? Methinks a melancholy has swathed her in gloom much like the bitter cold and abysmal dark that cloaks the Colony.

MYLES STANDISH played by Clive Owen
(matter of factly)
Right. John. Listen up. She wouldn't be sad if she had married me. Let's move on. I know what will cheer her up! A big bash! Invite the whole Colony. The neighbors too. I'll plan the menu. 
What's Pris' favorite dish again? Oysters? Venison? I suppose we're still out of champagne....

Best selling champagne in 2013.

Turkey, Myles, she likes turkey.

Are you looking at me? Turkeys strolling through our front yard.

I was a typist for a screen writer in a former life. No, but now and then my mind flits off in flights of fancy, even when I'm working. Like this. Fallish options for new waiting room furniture. The carpet is existing (which I did not select).

Can't believe I'm breaking my "nothing from the red family in healthcare" rule.
Never say never.

I wrote most of this post the other day when the weather was nasty. But I am truly thankful today is as beautiful as late Fall can get.

Enjoy the weekend and these last splendid days of Autumn! And have fun making those Thanksgiving plans. 

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


Happy Halloween!

And they did.

Our town trick and treats tomorrow night, Saturday. Should be a good one, no school in the morning.

This year I vow not to eat any candy until after the last trick or treater leaves my front door.

My evil twin just put in her two cents "good luck with that."

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan