Red Fall

Fall is a beautiful, short season around here. Driving home late yesterday afternoon I was stopped by a Japanese Maple.

Red Fall foliage. A quintessential New England yellow house built in 1835. 
Each makes the other look fabulous, yellow with red that is.

A few leaves still tinged with tangerine.

This tree should have a paint color named after it. Sherwin Williams are you listening?

Crimson, scarlet, cardinal. Ruby, garnet. Apple, berry, cherry. Jam. Lipstick. Love, passion, intensity. Danger. Stop.

However descriptive we get with red, there's one thing it will never, ever be: shy.

There's no lack of opinions floating about the Internet on what is in or out in decorating. Not that long ago I read that red rooms were out. Dated.

About the same time I read that, Architect William T. Georgis did this red room for the 2014 Kips Bay Show House. Imagined as a study for the late Cardinal Spellman, it has some surprising details like the resin and rough-hewn wood console. Red waterfall legs. Wow!


I love red shoes but only wear them in Summer. Although these sparkly pumps would be fun at the tree trimming party.


Red has a schizo, multiple personalities personality. It's been a staple in grand interiors since forever.

It can go ranchy and rustic.

The Cavander Boys
And then be all charming and whimsical.

Purebred Wallpaper from Thibaut

Red rooms remind me of winter, in a good way. They always seem cozy and warm.

I don't have a red room but I've done a couple for clients. Do you have one? How much do you love it?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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Happy Halloween

Natasha and Pumpkin their first Halloween together.

Halloween is a great holiday. The sole purpose is to dress up in a costume and run house to house collecting candy. If you are a kid, what could be better?

If you're still a kid but too big to run around the neighborhood, parties are perfect. I'm babysitting Pumpkin this evening while her Mother attends a soirée as Cruella De Vil. Can't wait to see those pics.

This year I'd like to greet the Trickers as Helen Mirren but no one on my block will get it. Kind of like 2008 when I was Sarah Palin and all but one of the adult neighbors thought I was Arianna Huffington. I even did brown hair with bangs and glasses.

Then there was the Mad Men Halloween. I wore my mother's 60's vintage pink and silver brocade ensemble. Not a soul even came close. Can't blame them, no cigarettes and not enough "big hair."

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan