Friday, November 01, 2019

New Year 2018, New Omens, Small Miracle

Hello dear readers, 

I am cleaning the blog. Going through all my draft posts. 
Deleting the uninteresting, editing the potentials, and publishing the readable ones. 

This one was written in early January 2018.

Since they're old (in tech years), don't feel at all compelled to read them!



Happy New Year!

I always look for Good Omens at the start of the New Year.

My Lady's Slipper Orchid is in bloom.
Any orchid blooming is a Good Omen.

Another good omen, House and Garden UK just announced the return of chintz.

House and Garden

Basically, House and Garden is saying it is now OK
to use big prints and/or floral fabrics with unapologetic abandon.
They don't necessarily have to be chintz.

As a kid in Minnesota, the word "chintzy" was used to describe shoddy goods or, 
an individual who baked cookies with margarine.

Here is a link with plenty of English chintz and includes a primer on "pelmets".
"Pelmets" is British for a drapery/curtain valance.


Another Good Omen!

Over the holidays, my beautiful granddog, Pumpkin, took advantage of
all the hubbub and had a little accident on one of my Persian carpets.


And then a miracle occurred! 

The Mister said,

"You cannot blame the dog, it is too cold outside."

And this from a man who at one time wanted
to do with dogs.
How far we've come.
Light years.

So I'm taking that little miracle as a fabulous omen!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


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