Tuesday, June 07, 2011

More Green and White

I love requests! For my reader who wanted more green and white, but not from my garden. Green and white rooms.

A dressing room at Cusp. This is about as far from my garden as we can get, emotionally that is. Yes, those are my size 8.5's. I put them in the pic for scale, drama, contrast. See Elton John below for more. Drama and contrast that is.

White with a refreshing green is a natural for the bedroom. A tailored, more contemporary look.
Wildcat Territory's "Bianca" bedding. Very clean; I like the tailored look of the contrast cording.

Or traditional.
Design by Alessandra Branca via Picture of Elegance blog.

Green works well in the kitchen too.
Green onyx backspalsh. Beautiful. From Ann Sacks Tile and Stone. There is nothing quite like the beauty of natural stone with its irregularities, depth of color and movement.

 Speaking of kitchens, here's Sir Elton John's in his Los Angeles home. No yellow brick road here.

Design by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, photo via AD
So, how are you liking these greens?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. Anonymous8.6.11

    I would love to have the backsplash in my kitchen! Beautiful!!

  2. Anonymous9.6.11

    patty here, (unable to comment via google so chose anonymous option)
    I too would LOVE that green backsplash! Deliciously green. I like all the greens in this post, except Elton John's green wall. the green is ruined completely by the reddish wood door...ick. However as you see he's got green and purple going on. Red of any kind ruins the green and purple harmony. I love the shade of green in the duvet set and the canopy bed thing too.

  3. Man, I really want that backsplash as well. Holy smokes that's gorgeous. Wouldn't mind the canopy bed either- the Alessandra Branca. Molto Bene!


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