Sunday, June 05, 2011

Green and White

Pumpkin, I'm so sorry, did I wake you up? Just to take your picture?

So when I was a kid, if I thought purple and green was an outlandish combination, guess what I thought about white and green?

aAfter a restful nap in the sun, Pumpkin tries to flush the chipmunks out of the neighbors' drain pipe.

Truthfully? Can't remember.

But if you had told me my future held 40 acres of grass and little white dogs, well, I would have glossed over the grass part (at the time my math was miserable, I didn't know an acre from a quart) but would have positively scoffed at the very idea of dogs! I was afraid of dogs.

My first white peony blossom of the season. Photo by Linda Pakravan.

Now of course we love dogs, especially little white ones. And thanks again to my garden guru, Mary, I love my garden and beautiful white and green combinations.

Butter and Sugar Iris. They start blooming as the purple iris wind down.

Dogwood blossoms. I love the way they are held up above the leaves. and they last a long time.

Toile Florissant wallpaper in a client's powder room; this color is called Peridot. Photo by me, wallpaper from Schumacher.
Green and white dress from Milly Spring 2011 collection; I saw this at Nordstrom.
Without the headband and glasses it was darn cute.
A fresh green desk and Pagoda lamps from Bungalow 5.

Do you wear green and white? I have a green shirt similar to this desk, with blue cuffs and collar, sounds odd but it works.

How about in your home? Do you have green on your walls? Sofa? Floor? Accents?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. cute Pumpkin pics! Plus, nice wallpaper.

  2. Anonymous6.6.11

    I have lots of green (living room, dining room, area rug)but I have never thought of it as my favorite color. Must be ONE of my favorites.

  3. LOVE the peonies and the dress!


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