2017 Trend: Butterflies

Snow fluttered in Andover this week. It was quite pretty. 

"Handcrafted" birdfeeder by Mister P. Photo taken with my Samsung 7.

There are many predictions for 2017 trends.

Elle Decor thinks butterflies are a trend for 2017.

Wallpaper from Christian LaCroix.

My first thought was stylized butterflies are wonderful for little girls' rooms.
I was influenced by these recent and very adorable Schumacher ads.

Fabrics by Schumacher.

Love the elephant.

And Disney's latest Cinderella with plenty of stylized butterflies loaded with plenty of symbolism aimed at little girls.

Happiness. Joy.

Butterfly in hand, Ella and Dad dance happily under the golden rays of the afternoon sun. 

Change. Not the good kind.

The shadowy effect must have been intentional.
Or maybe the black hole of a hat sucks up all the light.
I like to think the panels are hand painted silks.

Then transformation. Beauty.

Cousin Rose from Downton Abbey. Lily James.

And of course, Magic.
Fairy Godmother likes butterflies.

Fairy Godmother excels at shoes and carriages, not haute couture. Teleportation is her preferred mode of transport, hence the symbolic wings. I'd happily wear her dress for Halloween.

Finally, transcendance. Cate Blanchette, Bad Stepmom, makes her final and ineffectual stab
at keeping Cinderella from Robb Stark/Richard Madden, the Prince.

She casts a shadow with or without a hat.
Oh look, it's Xoro Zorandoxos from GOT!

Disney is very smart. Stylized butterflies for little girls.
Beautiful sets with hand painted butterflies for design-o-philes.

Some critics acknowledged the visual feast of Disney's Cinderella but decried the characterization of Cinderella as passive and mournfully accepting of her ill fate (I am paraphrasing).

All of which I ignore because I am enamored of the sets, costumes, saturated colors. 


More on the serious side, Elle Decor's prediction got me thinking. I know. Danger, Will Robinson!
Maybe the butterfly is a symbol many can relate to. 

The butterfly symbolizes change. Good, bad or in between.

Transformation follows change.

Underlying all is strength and hope.


Enough philosophy. Here are butterflies that anyone can do in their home.

Asian cultures, particularly Chinese and Japanese, and their reverence for butterflies have had a lasting effect on French, English, and American decorative art forms.  

Manon print from Manuel Canovas.
Look how nicely it works with Greenery, one of the 2017 COTYs.

 At Paris Deco Off 2017, the de Gournay showroom.
Via Stacey Bewkes' "Quintessence" blog.

A custom designed monogram by artist Patricia Van Essche. 
Butterflies and the Chinese symbol for "double happiness" encircle this whimsical monogram. 
Read Patricia's delightfully beautiful blog, PVE Design.

Great gift for the newly married couple.

The love of gardening influences many British textiles.

Tamarinda print on headboard. From Jane Churchill.

Sometimes just an accent will do.
Timorous Beasties' linen print butterfly cushion.
Timorous Beasties! Sounds like punk rockers turned designers. Young Brits, love them.

Scalamandré and Stark, both historic American textile and design houses, just announced their merger. Here is one of my favorites from Scalamandré's Spring 2016 collection.

Shantung Garden, a linen print, and Circle Fret. ScalamandrĂ©
And another great example of Greenery, the 2017 COTY from Pantone.

Throw Back Thursday: Hand printed wallpaper in my client's living room.

I am a long time fan of anything pagoda shaped.

What do you think? Have any butterflies in your home? Jewelry box? Closet?

Tell, please.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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This post was not sponsored by Elle Decor, Christian La Croix, Schumacher, Disney, Cinderella, De Gournay, Manuel Canovas, PVE Design, Jane Churchill, Timorous Beasties, Stark, or ScalamandrĂ©. 


  1. Beautiful photos, pinning! My girls had tulle pink. purple and yellow butterflies hanging from the ceiling over their twin beds back in the day, good memories :)

    1. Back in the day! Yes, good memories.

  2. I don't have any butterflies in my home but after looking at your gorgeous photos, I think I need some!!! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Linda!

    1. You too Katie! It should be a good one, weather-wise!

  3. I have always loved butterflies and chose a Thibaut wallpaper for the guest bath: http://myoverlays.blogspot.com/2016/02/bathroom-fit-for-butterflies.html

    1. Thanks for visiting Merlyn! Your guest bath is beautiful!


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