Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 Design Trends

Take Heart! Valentine's Day is only 29 days away.
What the well dressed woman wears to dinner on Valentine's Day.
Elizabeth Taylor; I'd like to be her for 24 hours, when she was with us.

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

January is official "What's In What's Out in Design" Month. So many opinions out there on 2017 Design Trends. I've cherry picked a few interesting ones. Discuss amongst yourselves. Don't hold back. I can't wait to read your comments!

Pair White with Off-White.

A dressing room or a guest bedroom is a good candidate for an all white scheme.
Family and living rooms, only if you have masochistic tendencies.

SLEXY, a mash-up of Sleek and Sexy, 
is the new design buzzword.
HouseBeautiful US

HouseBeautiful offered this room as an example.

Colorful. Dramatic. Quirky. Yes.
Sexy? Sleek? No.
Slexy. I hear a mash-up of sleazy and Lexus.
What do you hear?

Statement headboards are big.
HouseBeautiful UK

Yes, indeed, big.

I'm fully on board with Statement Headboards.

My inspiration for this headboard was a Laotian temple.
Design and photo by Linda Pakravan.

Farmhouse Chic continues to evolve.
Oregon Live 

Farmhouse I get. Farmhouse Chic is new to me.
Even a Chic Farmhouse kitchen needs an apron sink.

Luxury Laundry Detergent.

I'm confused. How is expensive detergent a design trend.

Taupe is the new gray.
Realtor Magazine

Poised Taupe, Sherwin-Williams 2017 COTY.
An improvement over Sherwin-Williams' 2016's COTY, Simply White.

Pink is in.

"Whites, beiges, pale grays, camels 
and blush pink 
are super on-trend." 
Young Huh via Vogue

This is beautiful!
Design by Charlotte Lucas.
Chinois Palais wallpaper from Schumacher is also available in fabric.

Pink is out.

Wall Street Journal

Anyone remember this movie?

And that's just eight. There are plenty more.

What do you think of these trends/opinions?

What do you think is next in color or style?

What do you think is on the way out?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Did you design and make that headboard? Where's that post? Love it!

  2. I LOVE that headboard, too, Linda. Absolutely stunning. Glad I didn't get into that "pink" trend since it's already out. Have a wonderful week, dear friend.

    1. Those pesky trends. In and out before you know it. You have a great week as well! Thanks for dropping by.


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