Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rabbit Holes and Powder Room Readiness

New England is particularly lovely during the leaf change. Especially our little town, Andover.

Foggy and dewy in the morning. Makes the coffee taste better. I'm not kidding.

Sunny, crisp afternoons.

Yes, it's the cemetery, but the leaves are fantastic.

The petunias have recovered from the late summer heat and push out one more flush. Nasturtiums, blooming steadily since late August, compete with the maples in the crimson contest.

My husband's Meyer lemons are ripening nicely. We bring the tree in every night.

All in all, it's colorful. Very.

It is also the time I start thinking about getting ready for guests. And the sorry state of my powder room.

Did I stand in my powder room and objectively survey my surroundings through the eyes of a guest? Of course not. Flip open the lap top; a quick look on the net for advice can't hurt, right. Once again a drop down the rabbit hole confirms two sure things: 1) the web makes time evaporate faster than sweat in the Sahara and 2) sooner or later you'll find what you're looking for.

The Wall Street Journal was the last source I'd expect to pop up for info on powder rooms, or any bathrooms for that matter. Design star Celerie Kemble gave the Journal her take on prepping a powder room, specifically for Holiday guests!

screen grab from WSJ

It's all good advice, here's a sample:

screen grab from WSJ

I completely agree with flowers; they are a given in my book. A nice vase of green foliage works too. Great advice about not putting a lighted candle on the tank cover of the commode. If your guest list includes young children, nix the match book.

The last detail of Ms. Kemble's powder room, books.

screen grab from WSJ

screen grab from WSJ

The Japanese woodcut in my powder room.

Read the entire article here: Spruce UP the Littlest Room for the Holidays.

What do you think about books in the powder room? I'm on the fence. My room really needs a thorough cleaning, a nice waste basket, new towels. I'd like to change the wallaper but that's not going to happen.

Are you expecting guests soon or later? What's your best hosting tip?

Isn't October a little early to talk about holidays? Nothing flies faster than the five weeks till Thanksgiving.

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Linda Pakravan

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  1. I usually save cleaning the bathroom for the last minute, i.e. a few (or fewer) hours before guests are due. Then my cats don't have time to mess it up!


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