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100 years ago this week in Puck magazine

A summer strolling around Manhattan outfit for the well dressed woman of 100 years ago. I wouldn't last five minutes. Aren't you glad it's August 2013 rather than August 1913? However, this lovely lady's ensemble reminds me of my hibiscus.

I was minding my own business, pulling these fabrics together for a project, but still under the Pink and Green influence

when I clearly saw these two exchanging glances across the crowded sample shelf. Brought them together,

Paxton Stripe in Fuchsia/Spring from GP and J Baker with Honeycomb in Lettuce by Mary McDonald for Schumacher

and arranged an audition with the printed linen project.

lots of texture; the Greek key applique is slated for plain white linen pillows

Always nice to have choices. But is it too dramatic? The printed linen is a given.

I'll think about it while we are driving to New Jersey this weekend. My camera and I, sans gloves and long sleeves, will take the ferry over to the city for NY Now, formerly the NY International Gift Fair. Can't wait to see what's new in home furnishings.

I'll report back.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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