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NY NOW, formerly the gift show, is huge. On Sunday I did the Home section. One of the most surprising things that caught my eye was purple! Did I notice purple because I like it? Could purple be on the cusp of a welcome trend?

Barnacles at Bliss Studio. Sculptural. Step on a real barnacle with your bare feet and you will get a nasty, jagged slash. In this harmless state I really appreciate their beauty, and color.    

Trina Turk's pillows. Color and texture. Always a good combination.

amethyst geodes at Roberta Schilling and a purple rug.  Geodes are fascinating little time capsules. 

A statement piece in any space. A serpentine fronted, lacquered purple chest with bun feet from Julian Chichester. But take note of the orange accents, a nod to 2012's color of the year, Tangerine Tango. Two dramatic colors sharing living space. Personally, I would go for a deeper purple. I do not know these two ladies. They were so deep in discussion about this vignette I felt I could not ask them to move.

For those of us interested in seemingly arcane color matters, a true purple has yet to be named Color of the Year. Blue Iris from '08 does not count.

I say seemingly because the effect of Color Coronation on home furnishings isn't just felt in the year it is crowned. Typically, its popularity builds in the year or two prior to enthronement and it stays with us for a few years after. How many years after? Depends. The world of fashion of course, moves at a much faster pace. 

Regardless of the Color of the Year, we (should) choose colors that make us look good and make us feel good at home.

I'll cover more of the show in later posts. In the meantime, here is one of my all time favorite purple rooms. Ok, the door is true purple. But I still love it.

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  1. I like purple too!! Funny because the two ladies who didn't move for the photo of the mirror seem to be wearing purple hues as well!


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