Thursday, March 01, 2012

Retro Fashion, Retro Interiors

1960 something.

2011 Bottega Venetta
Retro inspired fashion. I would happily don the Bottega Venetta frock. If it were 3" longer. I was 10 pounds lighter. And 15 years younger. A few hundred dollars less wouldn't hurt either.

Thankfully, retro interiors involve no unpleasant dieting or discouraging thoughts on one's age or pocketbook*. But they are a quantum leap in commitment compared to a dress. The total, head-over-heels, soul-mate kind of commitment. Retro rooms are like women in red dresses.

Keira Knightly

Or men in red jackets.

a wartime scene from Downton Abbey, the addictive PBS series.

They have big personalities. They are not shy. They love the lime light. You might flirt, even date a retro, but it will never work in the long run if you don't love them unconditionally.

Supremely confident sofa and chairs dressed in Sanderson's 50's inspired velvets. Sanderson.  

Sixties mod fixtures shed light on an unexpected pairing of Saarinen's '56 Tulip chair with a 19th century Biedermeier style table. The lively wallpaper adds a splash of color! Design by Nirmada.

Tulip chairs again. This time with the Tulip table.

Very happy retro. Florida in the 60's. Lily Pulitzer collection for Lee Jofa. I took this picture in the New York showroom. This would work in my guest room.

 Jamie Drake via Elle Decor. The chairs have an early 70's feel. Great chandelier.

I would love to do a retro room. I have yet to do one intentionally. The 90's painted stripes in my living room won't be retro for another 20 years or so. I can't wait that long.

How about you? What's your take on retro fashion or decor? Which era speaks to you, the 70's, 60's 50's?

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Linda Pakravan

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*pocketbook is New England speak for purse or handbag, never a paperback novel. 


  1. I adore the James Drake orange/blue dining area. I think it is so cheerful and delightful. I would be happy to do my organic homework while sitting at that dining room table...

  2. Natasha, you are up early! Surprisingly I like it too. It isn't too far off from yellow and blue, and you know how I like yellow. Maybe it's time for a change.

  3. My husband's aunt has a laundry room that was decorated in the 60's when the house was originally built. It is psychedelically fantastic. I wonder if she knows that it is so old that it's "new again"?


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