Thursday, February 02, 2012

Good News and Good

Stop the presses! Good news!

You're thinking, "man alive, this girl is so shallow, new ballet flats qualify as good news". Guilty. However, today's post is titled "Good News and Good". Here's the Good:

TOMS gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair purchased.

It's true. My daughter must have 4 or 5 pairs. I have none.

The thought that somewhere out there a child is shoeless because of me does make me feel guilty. My stylish shallowness always won out over philanthropy. Now you're thinking, "shallow and heartless". I can't get past dowdy flats with truly unattractive box toes and dingy colors. Like these TOMS that belong to my daughter. Go ahead, I'm right there with you thinking, "thank God the daughter didn't get the heartless and shallow genes".

Thankfully TOMS new ballet flats have a truly attractive round toe in stylish colors, a pair of which I will gladly purchase (the suede leopard model) and feel less guilt about children in need. And feel somewhat less shallow and heartless. At least for a day or so.

Seriously, many thanks to Boston's Style Girl for bringing this great cause to our attention.

Let me know which color you bought. Send me a pic of your new Toms and I'll post them here!

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

and if you'd like design help that is neither heartless nor shallow, please send me an email!


  1. Suzy2.2.12

    Great company and cute shoes! I have purchased Tom's for gifts, but never for myself. I'm starting a wish list today!!

  2. I heard Toms were incredibly comfortable but they'd never really been my style. I'll definitely have to check out the ballet flats! Win-win.

  3. Anonymous3.2.12

    Toms idea is great. I see that they have mens shoes too.

  4. Joyce3.2.12

    Can't wait to see you wear your leopard flats!

  5. Haha Mom. Thanks for showing my very very old beat up Tom's...They were originally much cuter looking. The new flats looks great.

  6. Love! I ordered a pair and can't WAIT for them to arrive. Great post! :)

  7. Hurrah! I agree, the ballet toe version are way prettier than the originals.

  8. There are several Tom's styles that I really like but, alas, my problem foot has a different idea about what to wear. My daughter has several pairs and I am jealous of her young feet.

  9. So excited! I got TOMS Lina Woven Ballet Flats for Valentines Day!! Sooo cute!!


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