It's trendy out there

 Trends in general and the chevron trend in particular are getting some virtual ink lately.

Scot Meacham Wood, a fabulous designer from San Francisco, posted about both in his witty blog, The Adventures of Tartanscot.

 Ralph Lauren Home Le Grand Hotel Collection via Tartanscot
from Mr. Wood's post:

"Is it just a trend? Or a classic? ...Maybe in the end, who cares. We're using them regardless. Just as I wouldn't use something *JUST* because it's the hot topics in all the shelter mags - I would never think of *NOT* using the perfect textile, or bath fixture, or wall finish - just because it is the hot 'darling' of the design crowd."   Scot Meacham Wood

For me, chevrons are "hard geometry", too high contrast, too rigid. But perfectly suited for uniforms, gas stations, and the occasional coat of arms.

Kate Middleton's coat of arms, created just before the nuptials.

Then I saw this in Vitania Liscio's post, "Inspired by Tradition".

from Atlanta Homes Magazine via Verdigris Vie

Now I've done a 180 on chevrons. These cross vein stone tiles (I think they are marble) are perfect in this chevron installation. The subtle grays are elegant and the install is interesting. Definitely not in your face like:

This, or something along these lines, was what used to come to mind when chevron came up.
It is difficult (for me) to conceive of any able bodied young male willingly donning this ensemble.
My apologies right here if I've offended anyone in, or has a family member in, the Vatican's Swiss Guards.
Camouflage was not on the design requirements list.

But, I can see this 'in your face' Zig Zag rug in a bachelorette pad, family room, or play room. And very reasonably priced, too.

for the bold and graphic, from West Elm
Small, understated, classic. Always very nice.

Merida's "Mandacaru". Woven sisal.
Derived from agave plants so it is considered renewable.

But back to the real point of this post. What is a trend, really?

Here's my personal definition of trend: 

     Something currently deemed "the it thing" that I didn't think too much of 
before "it" became popular.

Speaking personally here, sometimes "it" is presented in a way that makes me re-think and see "it" differently. Like chevrons. Some (not all) are now OK and I wonder why I was so across the board dismissive of this time-honored design?

Again, speaking just for me, sometimes a "trend" is an of the moment, currently fashionable one season wonder. Snake skin is big this Fall in shoes and hand bags, like the ones in my last post Blue. I do not like snake on shoes and never will. Hand bags, fine, shoes, never. I like my shoes pointy toed, high heeled and red whenever possible, thank you.

These shoes have been with me since 2005 at least.
They went to a birthday party last Saturday night and got a little scuffed on the dance floor.
Please pass the polish.

I like what I like, whether it is basking in the glorious rays of the twin suns of design and fashion, relegated to the shadowy closet of "so yesterday", or ensconced on the throne of "classic".

If you love something and always have, like the color orange, you don't think it is trendy now that it is in the spotlight. Right? Finally, the rest of the world has caught up with you and Steve McQueen.

The things and colors we love should be worked into our homes permanently. What we think of as fashionable, trendy, of the moment, should be transients...like a lamp or an inexpensive area rug.

Which is which? Depends solely on you. What's trendy and fashionable for one is classic for another.

What do you think? I'd love to know your thoughts on chevrons, trends, orange, color, shoes, handbags, Steve McQueen or any weighty topic for that matter, politics and the Vatican excepted.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. Anonymous18.9.11

    I enjoyed this entry very much! You have a lovely writing style. Thank you.

  2. Dear Anonymous @ 9:42 AM,
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for the positive encouragement!

  3. Trends are fun because they help open your mind up to something might have otherwise overlooked. But you really gotta love a trend before you make any big purchases. Chances are that the trend will be over before you can afford to redecorate :)

  4. Anonymous28.9.11

    I love Steve McQueen, and his orange sweater.


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