Apart from the heat, humidity and vampires (mosquitoes) I love Summer.

pop quiz time. who is she?

I adjusted to the heat just before Labor Day, which by the way is not the official start of Fall. The thought of Summer's end is a sad one. Except for me, Blogland is gushing with ecstasy over Fall's arrival. Add a tad of guilt to my sad. Boo hoo.

But I got over it.

Especially after I saw Fall's longer hemlines and the best blue I've seen in a long time. And yellow gold is back!

top, l-r: Fendi's Anna Shagreen bag, BergdorfGoodman, Gilded Cloth wallcover from Maya Romanoff, Prada's Python Bag, Sak's, Gold wire cuff (reasonably priced, $70) from Cusp, Erdem Lace Overlay Tweed dress (no, not even approaching a reasonable price), NeimanMarcus, and another leafy gold cuff from Cusp that I would happily slip on my wrist.
Here's an interesting side note: the color name for the dress and both handbags is "blue". These items are $$$$; you'd think they could come up with sexier names. Maybe this is the color version of reverse snobbery?

Intense blue works the room as well as the runway.

Miles Redd.
Don't you love how the red and green lamps are totally unexpected but they work! A beautiful room.

an MD's home office I did earlier this year. Fu Dog lamps from Barbara Cosgrove, Chloe chair from Bungalow 5,  Deco Peacock rug from Company C, Pottery Barn desk, and Sherwin-Williams lovely Major Blue, 6795, on the walls. We were just getting to "cable management" when she moved to Spain. No kidding.

Do you wear blue? Have any intense blue in your home? Love it? Hate it?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

if you'd love to have a home you love coming home to, in any shade of blue, contact me!

This post was not sponsored by any of the companies, products or people mentioned, well, except me of course.


  1. Patty G emailed me her guess on the pop quiz. She thinks it is Michelle Pheiffer. Sorry Trix, wrong.

  2. Kristen Dunst in Interview with a Vampire!!!

  3. I like BOTH the cuffs from Cusp. And, of course I loved the Fu Dog lamps. On OneKingsLane today they had a great pair of white fu dogs that looked like the were smiling (but still fierce). Yet, they were $399. So I clearly did not get them. I love that little office area you did for your client! Even with the cables, the white desk, lamps, and black chair look great. The only thing I would have liked is she had purchased a bigger desk to hide the printer, it takes away from the awesome fu dog.

  4. Natasha, you are absolutely correct!

  5. Natasha, I agree about the printer is too big for the desk. Maybe when client returns from Spain we can work on moving the printer to the closet.

  6. Those blues are all beautiful to me. Although I'd never be seen with a blue snakeskin handbag.


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