Sunday, May 22, 2011

Barbara Barry; Designer, Philosopher

Last week I attended Kravet's first of what I hope will be an annual event, Blogfest2011. The brainchild of Beth Greene, Kravet's VP of Marketing and Communications, over 100 designers convened in New York for three days of fabulous events. 

The highlight was Barbara Barry's presentation. Her passion for beauty, artistic excellence -- soul,  gives anything she designs, from tea cup to hotel, an elegance that is graceful and seemingly effortless. Barbara Barry is consummate designer, philosopher and inspiration personified.

Barbara Barry believes, truly believes in the restorative power of beauty. She searches for beauty in the ordinary, the sublime and the exotic. This quest took her to Asia and the inspiration she found resulted in the Indochine fabric collection for Kravet.

Barbara Barry with a pillow done in her Dragon's Breath fabric.
She is in the zen tea house* of Kravet's outstanding New York showroom.
*not the official name but that's what it feels like (when there aren't 75 designers trying to get in it).

The pagoda trim is really cool. Photo by Linda Pakravan.

I asked Scott Kravet for his favorite from the Indochine collection. Of course they are all his favorite. But his favoritist of favorites is,

Dragon's Breath, by Barbara Barry. My favoritist as well. Nice tie, Mr. Kravet.

Another staff favorite from Indochine by Barbara Barry. Perfect for pillows. How would you use it?

The gold embroidered fabric on the left is stunning. Dragon's Breath on the right, stunning as well.

"Life is meant to be lived fully and enjoyed deeply, and our homes are the great backdrops upon which our lives unfold."   Barbara Barry from Inspired Styles.

My thanks and appreciation to Kravet for organizing Blogfest2011.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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All photos by me except the one of Barbara Barry, via Blogfest2011 facebook page.

This post was not sponsored by Kravet, Barbara Barry or Blogfest.


  1. I like Barbara Berry's quote. In striving for that, I would be thrilled to rent a dumpster and throw out the furniture which I drag from state to state in our moves, ESPECIALLY my spouse's favorite chair, a teal green oversized recliner, which is hideous, and he thinks it's the greatest thing ever.

  2. Oooh I wish I made it to Blogfest! How did you like it? Would you attend again?

  3. Eryn, loved it and hope to attend next year.


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