Monday, March 07, 2011


Congratulations to Natasha for correctly answering the last pop quiz on Asta!

Plenty of myths, tales and superstition chronicle our fascination with reflection.

Narcissus by M. Caravaggio; a cautionary tale.
Seven years of bad luck if you break one.

A bad performance if there's one on stage when you're performing.

Demented rage upon learning someone is more beautiful than you.

Despite these formidable risks, I'm willing to use mirrors with abandon. What room doesn't benefit from a mirror?

They reflect light, make a room seem bigger, double a beautiful view, add movement, and when beautifully framed are a delight to the eye.

A powder room mirror reflects  a painting by one of the client's children.
Photo and design by Linda Pakravan. Songbird mirror from Carver's Guild
Plus, they're so much fun!

This might be way too easy for our next pop quiz so it's a multi part-er.
Who, when, where, why?

A dear reader asked for some examples of reasonable mirrors. Asked to define reasonable, her answer was, "I don't know, as little as possible."

We are occasionally presented with similar requests. I once had a potential client show me a picture of a gorgeous antique French commode and could I find her one just like it for a few hundred dollars....not in my lifetime.

Thankfully, reasonably priced mirrors are easier to find. For larger stylish mirrors a few rungs up the ladder from the college dorm variety, check these out.

l-r, White Fretwork  30" dia $295, Vasari Venetian Style 30"w 40"h $299 both from Horchow; Bamboo 46" dia from Padma's Plantation
Antique Tiled Mirror, 24"x36", very reasonable at $149, from West Elm

All large and stylish. from Ballard Designs.  From top l-r: Oversized Wooden Sunburst 48" dia $349, Atoll 46"x37" $299, Avery 40"x30" $199, and Bellesol 31" dia $199.
Any favorites among these?

Where would you use it?

The Avery would work well over a dresser.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. Linda,I like the Atoll mirror. Your quiz isn't so easy. Is the original Batwoman actress?

  2. Ted K7.3.11

    Hairdo reminiscent of the mid to late 60's, Mask is full face . Jackie Kennedy? Uncle Ted

  3. Ted, you have the right time period but not the right girl.

  4. I think it's a very early James Bond film

  5. Patty, I'm with you on the Atoll. I also like the antique tiled mirror. Wooden Sunburst uh-uh.

  6. Mary, like Ted you have the right time period but not the right girl.


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