Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Head Ache

I thought about not posting this, but I am so upset that I have one. A head ache.

7 months ago: "You're not going to put all your pictures on your new laptop, ARE you." (this was not a question).

I hadn't thought about it. What should I do?

"Use this Hammer Storage drive!"

Thank you! Not particularly good looking but it didn't matter. Hammer was strong and useful: held a gajillion pictures and speedy on the retrieval. We got along very well. Until,

Yes, that's right. The prong came out of Hammer's plug.

At first I didn't notice it because I plugged him in someplace else and nothing happened. I looked at the outlet Hammer had been in and the little prong was still in it. But we have some handy types about, the electricity was shut off, the prong retirieved from the outlet and the plug repaired.

But then, Hammer murders my pictures and commits suicide when he is plugged back in! Or maybe when he disengaged himself from the prong. No one knows for sure.

Hammer's corpse was taken in for an autopsy. And a second and third opinion. Hammer is deader than dead; can't be fixed. And off warranty. 

I think most of what was in Hammer is still on the carcass of my old PC, which went over to the dark side a long time ago. I'm reluctant (afraid) to turn it on.

How do you store your photos? Flickr? Let me know. I need advice. It is not possible to be in this business, blog or not, without pictures.

The other day I was on Flickr and my laptop was attacked. It took the Norton thing about a half hour to get rid of it.

Thanks for letting me rant and thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. Linda, Greg uses Picasa for photos; I know next to nothing about how these things work so my opinion is of no consequence.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Well, you know I take good care of my pictures. The general rule of thumb is to always have your important documents stored in 2 separate places.

    Since my laptop's hard-drive isn't that big, I store my photos on an external hard-drive, and I have a 2nd external hard-drive as back-up.

    Next time I suggest going with a trusted brand, such as WD:

    Sorry for the headache!


  3. to kpakrava, thank you. sage advice.

  4. So sorry to hear of your troubles. Hammer is a very respected brand of external HD (well at least they used to be!) The advice about 2 places is sound (says the person with no backup on her computer....)

  5. p.s. your photos of the miscreant Hammer and its parts are outstanding!


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