Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tall and Hates Rules

More on the AD Home Design Show 2011.

AD lined up three of the biggest names in design, asked them to talk about mixing traditional and modern, and then let them loose on an unsuspecting crowd of mostly civilian home owners.

First up, Vicente Wolf.

Designer, photographer, world traveller, fearless mix master of  cultures, time and styles. No corner of the world is too remote for this man. He's designed hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, beautiful products, and fabulous residences.

all photos via Vicente Wolf

Mr. Wolf has been practicing "the mix" for 35 years. His work is free of stylistic dictates, happily blending the best of periods and cultures but it is never chaotic. His white walls are calm and let the furniture and furnishings take center stage.

When House Beautiful asked him if he had any hard and fast rules, Mr. Wolf replied,

"I hate rules. ...I'd never, ever put 8 matching chairs around a dining table."

Plus, he's tall.

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  1. Well, how tall is he exactly?

  2. Anonymous23.3.11

    He sure has talent.... wonderful spaces even without color!


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