Wednesday, February 09, 2011

local talent, Lynne Klemmer

This is the first of my "local talent" features.
Today, artist Lynne Klemmer of Lexington, Massachusetts.

Lynne Klemmer, Renaissance woman and up and coming artist with careers in architectural interior designer, color consulting and most recently as head of her landscape design firm. Lynne's mastery of landscape design is reflected in the beautiful garden and ponds just outside her studio door and influence her work.

from Lynne's Pond Series, #6, Friends
Pastel, 38"x28"
Pond Series, #5
Pastel, 38"x28"
The ponds and garden are just for starters. Jazz and Inuit culture also figure highly in her work.

Lynne's Inuit Influences is on display now through April at Flora in Arlington.

Inuit culture is steeped in tales of nature, mythology and survival.

Inua Series, #1, Night Dreams
Pastel/Acrylic, 30"x36"

Lynne's art takes us on a journey north for a powerful glimpse into a another world.


If you live in the Boston area, don't miss Lynne Klemmer's exhibit at Flora. For my far flung readers, please surf on over to her beautiful website

 Now here's a thought. What would you rather have for Valentine's Day? Assuming one must choose (don't you wish we didn't have to), dinner with an expensive bottle of champagne and flowers, or a beautiful original work of art?
Love to hear your thoughts on this one! 
Call me crazy. I'm definitely on the art side of the house but will gladly make a lovely Valentine's dinner at home.
And then enjoy one of Lynne's works for the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. If someone actually offered those options as an either/or for Valentine's Day, I would take THE ART! You didn't say what kind of dinner, or what kind of flowers, but I would still take a piece of art over an expensive bottle of champagne, and then drink my relatively cheap Belgian Frambosenbier while deciding where to hang my piece of art.

  2. I would love to have those pond works with the ORANGE fish!


Please do. I love to know what you think!