Today has been cancelled.

Snowing again. So of course I am inside pondering life choices. Go outside and shovel? Find another good reason to trade in my Droid?

Waterlogue. A magic app that converts a picture into a watercolor. Like this one by Carolyn Espley-Miller of Slim Paley, (she writes a great blog)

and Waterlogue turns it into this!

Here's another. The photo.

a screen grab from Waterlogue's site
 The app'd photo, aka watercolor.
screen grab from Waterlogue's site

There will be no Android version anytime soon.

Do you have this app? Do you love it?

And for my dear reader in San Diego who misses New England terribly, here is a video (complete with snow plowing activity) I just shot from my front door. Yes, Anchorage, this is 'comical' compared to your snow.

Everything is relative.


Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Hi Linda,
    Love the waterlogue app. What a transformation of your photos.
    How fun!
    Here comes another snow day tomorrow (or maybe a rain day closer to Boston)

    1. Hi Marie, thanks for stopping by. Rain would be ok, but I think we are going to get slammed with snow!


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