Purple and Green, Outlandish?

Common lilacs, Syringa Vulgaris, uncommonly beautiful and fragrant.
 photo by Linda Pakravan.
When I was a little girl I thought purple and green was an outlandish combination reserved solely for lilac bushes. I thought the same about red and yellow, outlandish but no connection to lilacs, that's a future post. We were city dwellers and my idea of gardening was a few pots on the upper right balcony.

I have no digital pictures of our old condo so I went to GoogleMaps. Very handy.
Then we moved halfway across the country and I was confronted with what seemed at the time, 40 acres of grass! and a backyard bordering on wilderness complete with stream.

Way back then my kind and patient friend, Mary, took me under her gardening trowel (wing doesn't seem right and spade too dangerous). Mary and gardening have taught me many things over the years, not the least of which is an appreciation for outlandish color combos. Thank you Mary!

Here is just one of my many clumps of Siberian Iris.

My appreciation for purple and green now extends beyond my garden.

an embroidered cotton and a print from Maxwell

A fun and child friendly rug of carpet squares from Flor. responsibly manufactured in the US, renewable and recycled content, non-toxic, contains an antimicrobial that inhibits growth of bacteria and mold.

Jimi Hendrix would feel right at home. The President Best Western near Times Square.

Key tassel from my client's dining room; photo by Linda Pakravan.

We love this over sized paisley in purple with a touch of green, Nizam,
from Osborne and Little's's Karavansara collection.
Do you have a color combo that you once disliked but now can't get enough of? Or a combo you've now grown tired of?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

if you'd love to have a home (in color combos that speak to you) you love coming home to, contact me!

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  1. Anonymous2.6.11

    I always liked purple and green together, since the days of coloring in coloring books with our gallon-size plastic ice cream pail of crayons. One sibling who shall remain un-named always scoffed at my purple/green combos, saying "purple and green don't go together!" Yes, they do!

  2. Anonymous2.6.11

    Linda, I selected "anonymous" instead of "google account" to see if it would let me comment. It worked. I have been trying to comment via google account for 2 weeks and it takes me to the page to sign up for my own blog. It used to work, now it doesn't. -Patty

  3. Anonymous4.6.11

    this requirement by Google to sign up for a blog is quite annoying, so I'll try anonymous as well.

    Anyway, I love this blog: very beautiful purple and green together, your irises are lovely.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I will ask one of my tech friends for advice/a fix. Does this happen when you comment on other blogs?

    I'm glad you like the blog! Thank you!



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