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No, not this kind.

Nearly everyone has gotten past the "no family photos in public rooms!" (at least I think so), and I encourage my clients to display their photos.

My client's 2nd floor landing. We chose this wall to display 3 generations of weddings, another wall displays First Communion photos. Photo by Linda Pakravan.

For me, a photo of people is a portrait, a moment in time, a memory made physical.

It sounds goofy, but I consider my photos some of my most precious possessions, my "public displays of affection".

60 years of family weddings, and I still have more to frame.

I do like a little order, or a theme. The pic above is just 2 shelves in a very tall bookcase in our family room. Wedding shots and above it are pics of our daughter prior to high school, other shelves hold other eras. It's a work in progress and I'm always on the look-out for nice, inexpensive frames.

India Hicks via Traditional Home

What's your policy? Family photos on display or not? Have a theme? Random? I'd love to hear from you.

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Linda Pakravan

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    Who are those two?

  2. steve mcqueen and faye dunaway in...thomas crown affair?

  3. design elements you are so right! I love that movie, both versions.


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