Bryan Ferry's London Home

Who knew that rocker Bryan Ferry was a secret interior designer?

Rita Konig's The City Squire in Saturday's WSJ magazine profiles Mr. Ferry and his London home.

If you are pressed for time, here are the best bits:

"...interior designer Nicky Haslam once observed that, whereas most rock stars liked to trash their hotel rooms, Bryan Ferry was more inclined to redecorate his."

great bar

“Having all these things you love is like having a lot of pets all in the same room,” he says.

“Fabrics are important,” he says, “because I don’t go for that hard-edged modern look; I like frayed edges.”               

      (perfect example of "if you live long enough you'll see and hear everything". In a million years would I have thought "fabrics are important" would be uttered by male lips not in design?)

“Decorating is so interesting to me,” he explains, taking a seat on his 19th-century French sofa. “I like to control my environment. How it looks, feels and sounds. I couldn’t imagine asking someone else to decorate it.”

     (and just when I was fantasizing decorating with him to the soundtrack of As Time Goes By...)

                      ................. link to article and the pics by Alexia S:   Bryan Ferry

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