A Tale of Two Trees, part I

For the first time ever, we put up our family Christmas Tree while the December calender was still in the single digits! The 22nd, or the day of Christmas week with the worst weather, usually finds us at the tree lot, at night, frozen fingers de rigueur.

After many years of practice, getting the tree in the stand and stringing lights is remarkably easy (my role is advisory so I'm not speaking for all parties involved). But as you can see in this pic, quite happy, thank you.
it's a very tall tree
Once securely in its stand and twinkling with lights, we start hanging ornaments. Invariably the discussion turns to our favorites. Some of us can't choose just one, but have a top five.

Me? I love my "Kid Ornaments". Lovingly made, they never fail to make me smile. Treasures made by our daughter, her childhood best friend and cousins; it isn't Christmas until they are hung.

How about a virtual ornament swap? Email a pic of your favorite kid ornament, or any favorite ornament, and why you love it. I'll publish the stories and pics here on the blog throughout December. Email me at pakravan.adg@comcast.net.

The tale of two trees? Yes, it's true, I do a smaller tree in the living room, referred to in our household as "Mom's Tree". But that's another post.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Anonymous7.12.10

    You are ahead of schedule! We are the decorate the tree no sooner than 7 days before xmas type. Sasha will help Larsen, Erik and me this year!
    Tristan doesn't come home until the 22nd.
    I will try to send fav photos of ornaments. choosing will be very hard!

    Early holiday greetings

  2. Why do my jeans look so high-waisted here? Fav ornaments are dog ones and my tear drop glass ornament with all the confetti colors from when I was a very little kid. very good memories.

  3. Also, I can't post a photo of my favorite ornaments!

  4. We just hung the home made kid ones tonight. They're my favorites. My next favorites are the vintage glass ornaments I used to collect from garage sales. Now I have too many. I have more ornaments than branches. So I sometimes put some of them in glass jars or vases and set them around the house. Or I hang a certain color theme of them on the chandelier. Tonight I have been working on blue and gold on the chandelier.

  5. Natasha, the jeans are not high waisted. You look great as always. Sorry you're having trouble posting a pic. Email works.

  6. Yes, Natasha, those jeans look perfect to me.

  7. I remember those ornaments! Looking forward to having room for a Christmas tree someday soon :)


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