Oh koi!

Oh koi!
Actually, I prefer my koi swimming gracefully in a water garden or pond, thank you.

Since I have neither, I'll do something inside the house.

As wallpaper, white on  blue, one of my all time favorites.
Japanese Carp was designed over a hundred years ago by Candace Wheeler. Mrs. Wheeler did it all: great designer, successful business woman, women's rights advocate. Japanese Carp wallpaper, fabric and lace is still in production today thanks to JR Burrows of Rockland, Massachusetts, http://www.burrows.com/ 

I did it in Gold on Cream for the rest rooms of a private medical practice.

 If you'd like your koi on the shelf rather than the wall, try this:

30" high koi vase from Global Views.

 So this gets me wondering if Monet had koi in his ponds? Plenty of lily pads. Any art historians or recent visitors to France have any insight?

These lotus blossoms (Asiatic water lilies) are lovely as is or will nicely hold a candle.

Gray ceramic lotus blossoms, available through and photo by Linda Pakravan
Do you like koi? Or think it is a cliché?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

This post was not sponsored by JR Burrows or Global Views.


  1. The Japanese Carp wallpaper design is wonderful, the white on blue version is my favorite.

  2. I love the vases.


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