Thanksgiving Art from NGA

A couple days of wet and cold and I'm longing for sunshine. 
It will be a day or so before it brightens up. 
In the meantime there's nothing like a cup of tea and a warm still life to gaze at.

These works from The National Gallery of Art have a nice Thanksgiving vibe. 
The National Gallery of Art has a great website, NGA, and prints are very reasonable.

For all my orange loving family and friends: Pumpkins, Walt Kuhn 1941

Still Life with Oranges and Goblet of Wine, John Frederick Peto

A Dessert, Raphaelle Peale
As kids growing up, nuts in the shell were a Thanksgiving given at our house.
Pecans were easiest to crack.

And for those of us who like their sunshine with a little blue sky, Ripening Pears, Joseph Decker

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Love the still lifes. I wonder if you can get prints of any of these. One would look good on my orange-whipped apricot creamsicle wall. (Sherwin-Williams matched it perfectly for me.)

  2. Trix, I've purchased lots of prints from the National Gallery through the website,www.nga.gov. It is a great resource. And darn nice museum!

  3. The sunshine will be coming your way as it's brilliantly sunny here in MSP and I'm throwing some out your way :)


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