Sedum as Cut Flowers

We are having a spectacularly beautiful day here in sunny New England!

Usually my garden is still filled with late blooming flowers, not so this year. Lots of sedum and not a rose in sight. Sedum, the most commonly known variety is "Autumn Joy" is a good backdrop for dramatic flowers, like nasturtiums that I didn't plant this year, or my roses that normally give use a last bloom right about now. Not a bloom for the vase.

Having that Yankee instinct to save a dime (actually I'm a Midwest transplant but I like to think I'm a real New Englander, go Red Sox!), I can't bring myself to purchase fresh flowers before the snow flies. Having no other plan but to raid my neighbor's garden, which I wisely abandoned, I harvested a bunch of sedum (mine) and proceeded to arrange a display for the house.

Sedum looks so much better indoors than the garden. The vintage Versace vase doesn't hurt either.

Cut the stems long. It makes it easy to put a large arrangement together. This one is about 26" high with a 24" diameter. Big enough for a foyer display. And cost next to nothing. Try it, you'll be surprised.

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  1. And the floral arrangement looks even better in person!


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