Sedum as Cut Flowers

We are having a spectacularly beautiful day here in sunny New England!

Usually my garden is still filled with late blooming flowers, not so this year. Lots of sedum and not a rose in sight. Sedum, the most commonly known variety is "Autumn Joy" is a good backdrop for dramatic flowers, like nasturtiums that I didn't plant this year, or my roses that normally give use a last bloom right about now. Not a bloom for the vase.

Having that Yankee instinct to save a dime (actually I'm a Midwest transplant but I like to think I'm a real New Englander, go Red Sox!), I can't bring myself to purchase fresh flowers before the snow flies. Having no other plan but to raid my neighbor's garden, which I wisely abandoned, I harvested a bunch of sedum (mine) and proceeded to arrange a display for the house.

Sedum looks so much better indoors than the garden. The vintage Versace vase doesn't hurt either.

Cut the stems long. It makes it easy to put a large arrangement together. This one is about 26" high with a 24" diameter. Big enough for a foyer display. And cost next to nothing. Try it, you'll be surprised.

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  1. And the floral arrangement looks even better in person!

  2. Anonymous14.9.17

    I have lots of sedium and would love to make arrangements . What kind of filler did you use?Love your arrangement looks very professional.

    1. Thank you! my filler was mostly Ilex Glabra, or inkberry as it is sometimes called here in New England.


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