Ballard Designs in Natick!

Note: this post was not solicited by Ballard Designs. All opinions are my own. All photos were taken in the store on February 28th with my phone.

Ballard Designs' new Natick store recently opened. 
Mollie Kitchens and the Natick store staff gave me a warm welcome and a private tour.

The Dianas greet you as you walk in the door. 

This is Ballard's first store in the Boston area. Located in the Natick Mall,
it is spacious, well stocked and beautifully styled. 
And everything you see can go home with you. 

I was particularly impressed with Ballard's acrylic furniture. 

The sophisticated Hallen Bar Cart. Extra points for the wheels.

The Hallen Acrylic Bar Cart

This is the perfect time to clear up acrylic. (Lame, Linda, so lame.)

Acrylic, the furniture variety, is the common name for PMMA.
PMMA is short for Poly(methyl methacrylate), a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer.
It is a totally different kettle of fish than say, the acrylic in my sweater.

Plexiglas® and Lucite® are trademarked brands of acrylic.
 There are dozens more, like Perspex® and Acrylite®.

So "acrylic furniture" that does not mention the brand of PMMA used to make it
should by no means be interpreted as a lesser product.

The Felicity Acrylic Coffee Table and Gilded Pelage Stool. 

Here's a better look at the Gilded Pelage Stool by Suzanne Kasler for Ballard. 
The seat is covered in Faux Mongolian Lamb.

Ballard's beloved classics, like blue and white porcelain and pagoda lanterns are on display.

Along with tribal, classic and industrial inspired pieces.

The room vignettes featuring totally customizable upholstery are an immersion experience
inviting us to look, sit, touch, experience the quality first hand. 
It makes it so much easier to visualize the furniture in our room. 

The Orson sectional, Connor Coffee and Side tables 
and two really nice chairs I didn't get the name of.

Not fond of nailhead trim? Not a problem, it's purely optional.

Coventry Seating in on-trend green.

Amal Slipper Chair and Tate Sofa.

A modern interpretation of a traditional classic, the Thurston Wing Chair. 

Contrast cording can be substituted for the nailheads.

Like a chair or sofa? But not what it's upholstered in? 
Take a large fabric sample from the store's design center and drape it over that chair or sofa.

Hundreds of fabrics to select from.

This is huge; no one should make a custom upholstery decision with only a tiny swatch.
And I don't think we should have to purchase a yard so we can see it on a larger scale.

I've been receiving the Ballard Designs catalog and emails for years. 
I've used their lighting and accessories for client work.
But never the custom upholstery.

This was my first real world experience with Ballard's custom upholstery. Now that I am confident of the quality, and the "sit", I won't hesitate to use it for clients, provided the style fits the project. 

Ballard's Natick store is loaded with goodies. I'll write more in a separate post.


Welcome to Boston, Ballard!

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Wow! I've never been to one of their stores but love their catalog! Looks pretty big, too! May have to plan a little field trip and maybe we could meet for lunch. Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes indeed, but let's field trip before we start gardening!

  2. I was going to go last weekend, but then my schedule changed. Thanks for the tour. I need to get there as I've also spec'd accessories and lighting for clients, but not the furniture since I couldn't see it in person.

  3. Thanks, Linda. I didn't know about this new store. I will be visiting soon.

  4. Thanks for the tour Linda. Ballard Designs is A-1 in my book for beautiful furnishings! I love to say "ginger jar" out loud - just like "pouf", how weird is that?

    1. I love the sound of "excellent" and "foo dog". So we're both weird. In an excellent way!

  5. Awesome Linda. I have shopped their catalog, I did not know they had a store. How special to be able to walk rough the store and see things in person.


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