Full Fall Denial

There is one thing about blogging that I occasionally forget. Press PUBLISH. 

I edit a post to death and then sleep on it for a fresh look in the morning. Sometimes I forget about it, for months.

So I'll press publish on this slept on too long but happy and summery Cape Cod follow up post. Because I am in full Fall Denial mode. And you might take a crisp Fall antiquing day trip to the Cape in which case you'll need a lobster roll for lunch.

The sidewalk between the parking lots at Wequasett Inn. Photo by Linda Pakravan.

My previous post (Beach House Revisited, Orleans, MA) was all about the houses and hydrangeas.

Holy Cow! Pink hydrangea.

Cape Cod has other charms.

It is actually far more beautiful in person.
The walkway to Nauset Beach; photo via We Need a Vacation.
Me, cameras and sand are a bad mix.

In Orleans, Nauset Beach is a favorite and less than 5 minutes from the house we stayed in. An elevated walkway starts at the parking lot and spans the salt marsh. The strip of white in the distance is the sand path over the dunes to the beach. Beautiful.

Now the really important stuff. The results of the totally subjective, completely partial and unofficial 2015 Best Lobster Roll on Cape Cod Contest.

Nauset Grill's Lobster Roll. Photo by my nephew Kevin Pakravan.
Good onion rings.

Third Place, The Nauset Grill. They add celery to their lobster rolls. Considered radical by old schoolers. Points off for not buttering and toasting both sides of the bun. Points back on for the picnic tables.

The Nauset Grill

Second Place. Chatham Fish Pier Market. Points for both sides of roll buttered and toasted. A token lettuce leaf lines the bun and then loaded with lobster held together with the barest minimum of mayo. Excellent fries. A little cup of slaw. No points off for zero seating; the sign out front is kleah-ly mahkd. If the weather is fine, walk down the pier, sit on the rocks and watch the seals and boats while you feast.

Chatham Pier Fish Market

First Place. Chatham Fish and Chips.

via Chatham Fish and Chips

One of my nephews found this place. Frankly, I was skeptical, but with no desire to be old stick in the mud Aunty I said, GREAT! Let's go. Fresh rolls toasted on both sides before your very eyes, or not if you prefer untoasted (cannot imagine why).  If you don't want your lobster with traditional mayo they will do melted butter. Aunty, "yes, please, lots." Nephew, "same." We were rendered ecstatically silent.

Yes, that's a regular Lobster Roll on the left.
Cameras, lobster and fries are a bad mix for me.
I gladly relinquish the photographer's role when it comes to finger food.

Excellent fries. Extra points for authentically unglamorous ambiance inside and shaded picnic tables outdoors.

Now the ultra important Best Croissant. Hot Chocolate Sparrow. Get there before 9 AM (far before 9 AM in the summer). Heavenly with coffee.

Another photo by nephew Kevin Pakravan.

Via Google.

A delightful change from the beach and food are Cape Cod's antique shops. My husband and I visited Maps of Antiquity in Chatham. They sat him down at the map table with a magnifying glass and a 200 year old map of the Middle East. Gave me plenty of time to browse the botanicals.

I had the framing done back home in Andover.

And antique post cards.

Post card from the 1950s.

The staff at Maps of Antiquity is extremely knowledgeable and very gracious.

All photos in this unsponsored post by me except where noted.

Hope your Fall is off to a good start.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. I love Cape Cod. One of the few things I mind about living in California. That, and Manhattan;).

  2. I have not been Linda and you have really inspired me to put Cape Cod at the top of mytravel list!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

    1. Let me know when you're coming!

  3. Hi Linda! I went to that inn for a literary lunch. It is so pretty and what views!!! So glad you wrote something on lobster rolls. I have found since moving here that no one makes them the same. I definitely like them light on the mayo and celery always as a nice crunch. Can't wait to try the places that you mentioned. My Mister loves maps and we will definitely put that antique store on my list. Your botanical and antique postcard inspire me. They look beautiful. I am putting you on my blogroll so I won't miss a single post of yours. Are you ready for the rain? I am. We really need it. Have a great week, Linda!

    1. Hello Katie! Yes that inn is lovely. Thank you for adding me to your roll! I'll do the same.

  4. Linda, you are making me sooooo hungry!!! Gosh, I want a lobster roll. Good thing we are headed back to Maine this week. Cannot wait. And one day I'll make it to the Cape. xoxox

  5. Oh, I love and miss Cape Cod. Thank you for that little boon to memory.


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