Thursday, August 27, 2015

Layering A Room, Part IA, Naked Windows, and HENRYs

My first post on layering a room touched on one aspect that goes a long way towards giving a room the layered look, window dressing.

Of course there are always exceptions.

Spectacular views require naked windows. Which makes me wonder if minimalists are exhibitionists at heart if not in actual practice.

Minimalist beauty. Ultra terrifying. The Vanger House.
from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

A sleeping porch on Flathead Lake, Montana via pinterest.

Exacting architectural details and beautiful furnishings can easily trump a window dressing.

Dennison Dampier Interior Design

Carolyn Roehm's Charleston House

Charming breakfast rooms.

Also from Dennison Dampier Interior Design.

And of course, one reason to have naked windows is plain old dislike.

OK, you're a minimalist without the exhibitionist element. I get it.

Another reason to have naked windows is they are a bad fit for your personal value system.

OK, I fully get it. Many HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet, aka under 40 professionals) place a high value on experiences and luxury travel. Or maybe paying off student loans is a priority.

I am not telling anyone they must dress their windows.

I was once sucked into a group conversation where one participant adamantly described curtains and window dressing in general as "dust catching eyesores" and why would anyone ever want them? Our First Amendment rights in action regardless of manners.

Privacy, beauty, and the way they give a room a truly finished and layered look came immediately to my mind but that was a conversation not worth continuing.

Another fine example of living long enough to see and hear just about everything.

OK, I'm officially off the soap box.

Next installment, Undergarments. For Windows.

All opinions are welcome. Please comment.

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Linda Pakravan


  1. You will always be an early riser if you slept in that bedroom in Montana! What a view!

  2. I will never look at a room again without thinking naked or dressed:) I do like the naked look but it requires gorgeous vistas and beautiful gardens.

    1. Yes to the gorgeous vistas and beautiful gardens!

  3. I tend to the naked for windows, or just blinds as needed. That's not uncommon in California - we have so much light and so much to see outside. Also, my windows mostly open into my back yard;). For the room that faces front, I'm in the considering what to do next stage!

    1. I like to have as much naked glass as possible in the day, certain windows covered at night.

  4. Linda, Love windows without coverings of any kind when possible! I adore your site and want to thank you so much for visiting!!
    Have a great weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Thank you! There's much to be said for a clear view.

  5. Goodness, without window coverings, I'd get up at 4:30 am during the summer!! The sun rises so early in Maine so they are essential. And I also like how they look :)

    1. 4:30 is very early! I love well designed window coverings that respect the view during the day and give us some privacy at night. And let us sleep in the morning!

  6. I've got naked windows in my dining room because they are floor to ceiling old windows. I'm starting to change my mind about keeping them naked. Great post.

    1. Floor to ceiling! Sounds spectacular!


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