Rugs in Kitchens

Have any thoughts on rugs in the kitchen?

Modern Craftsman Galley
The House Diaries

Galley kitchens. There's a lot to be said for galley kitchens. Small, compact, easy to keep clean. They positively scream for runners. 

Boho Galley 
Tommy Chambers Interiors

Then there's the traditional route.

Country Graphic with Modern Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink
Colette van den Thillart via TraditionalHome

A colorful eclectic look.

Frida Kahlo and Herman Miller celebrate Chinese New Year 
Right. Not a kitchen but I'm sure this is the eat-in end of a kitchen.

This subdued tone on tone antique look would be unforgiving given our style of cooking.
Not saying anyone in our house is messy, just enthusiastic.
Traditional Home

Into the Woods Kitchen
Children's Hospital Showhouse
Pazyrk Design Rug from Landry and Arcari
Barring a spilt pot of red sauce, this rug is very forgiving.

In general I'm a big fan of rugs just about anywhere but when it comes to kitchen work zones, I worry. But as most of these examples bear out, rugs with lots of pattern and color will hide lots of normal kitchen mishaps.

I am at the beginning of the end of my kitchen project (see a teaser in this post). Next week the new hardwood floors will be finished and there's a nice space just begging for a rug.

Do you have a rug in the work or traffic areas of your kitchen? And if so, how is it working out? And if you don't, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this weighty subject anyway. Our kitchen floor is tile, with pretty wide grout lines, and no rug. As of yet.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Anonymous22.10.14

    I don't have a rug in my kitchen, Linda, only because I haven't found one yet that would work. I love the idea of a battered, faded Oriental runner running the length of my one wall of cabinetry. I love my old house but the kitchen....oy vey.....gives me fits. Lovely photos all but that Chinese New Year shot totally made my morning. Adore the colors, the paper lanterns, the masks.....just terrific!

  2. No rug in the kitchen. I am always mopping up water:( and would feel weird about having damp rug on the floor. But it looks beautiful.

  3. Linda - We have an old tattered Oriental rug in our kitchen. We love it! Softens the entire space. Cheers

  4. I have a cheapie chevron rug from pottery barn in my kitchen mainly because it's a stone tile floor and it's freezing cold in the winter. and everything shatters when it hits. in the adjacent mudroom, i have an old oriental, on which muddy pawprints do not show!

    1. there's nothing like an old oriental to hide a lot of sins and pawprints! plus they look great!

  5. I love a rug in the kitchen...I have one by my sink.
    I had a larger one in the middle until my kitten spilled/sprayed an entire bottle of tonic water...
    sticky and a major mess...
    the rug is history!


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