Friday, January 10, 2014

Design Predictions: COBALT Blue 1

"Cobalt blue is a particularly hot color" for 2014.  Suzie Atkin of Neil Kelly Design.

Russian Imperial Porcelain was established in 1744. 
Its trademark pattern "Cobalt Net" looks like it could have graced the table of the Czar but it was introduced in 1949.
Red really brings out the rich and regal side of cobalt. I love my little Russian teapot.

Cobalt, Persian and Royal. The Blues Sisters. They have criss-crossed continents and cultures, transcended fashion and art, endured time and outlasted any fad. They are the bazaar and the mosque, the rim on our everyday dishes, the gems in the tiara, the robes of royalty and the curtains in our Congress. Symbols of truth, integrity, power, peace and calm. Exotic, homey, regal, authoritarian, egalitarian. Enigmatic.

How can one color be so much to so many? Of all the hues, blue is a worldwide favorite. Does it speak to our soul? Or is it simply, beautiful to the eye.

Enough with the zen. The burning question is: will cobalt be really hot in '14? Nothing acquires hotdom without buzz. Here's a look back at 2013 through cobalt lenses.

January and February,  2013. Turnagain Arm in Alaska. Very cold. 

March, 2013. Cottages and Gardens

 Cottages and Gardens
April, 2013. T Magazine

Juan Pablo Molyneux'  1740 house renovation in Paris

 April, 2013. High Point Market

Reprotique's new Lucite sconce. Rave reviews.

May, 2013. Mother's Day

Tory Burch Blog
June and July. I'm sure there was plenty of buzz while I was in the garden.

August 2013. HouseBeautiful

see Scheerer's beautiful blue house here

We could stop with the Scheerer house. It is that fabulous. But let's move on.

September 2013. This Blog

Plan A for my guest room project included a luscious cobalt blue velvet from Designers Guild.
 "My Guest Room Dilemma"

October 2013. Boston

Brunschwig introduces Tresors du Jouy. Historic toiles in cobaltish blues and yellows.  Brunschwig's Tresor du Jour. Very French, very homey, very easy to live with. Old school but not stiff. 

November, 2013. Boston

Alessandra Branca's collection for Schumacher. She's charming and down to earth.
Her textiles are steeped in rich color and classic design. see the entire line here
I love this collection. I love this collection.

December, 2013.

Carolyne Roehm

Every Monday Morning, 2013.

Like any celebrity, Cobalt has a Public Relations agent. Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda. Jennifer's regular blog feature, Blue and White Monday makes Sunday bearable. 

Jennifer's shop, The Pink Pagoda is overflowing with cobalt and white treasures. The Nirvana destination for lovers of blue and white porcelain.

January, 2014.

Decorative Crafts in Connecticut has been importing fine Italian furniture for 85 years. 
This year is the first catalog in my memory with any color on the cover --- and it is cobalt.

Are you thinking, move over Radiant Orchid, Pantone's 2014 color of the year?

In full disclosure, I received no compensation for this post and no one solicited for a mention.

Have a great weekend!

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