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Christmas Decorating

via Traditional Home
I like this so much it makes me want to run out and find a silver punch bowl. It's perfect for the dining room.

Getting ready to decorate for Christmas. I'm wondering, does your Christmas decorating complement your decor? I can't say that mine does. But here are some great examples that do.

Boston's young and uber talented Erin Gates' black and white living room is dressed for the holidays in fresh greens, a few feathers, a well stocked bar and a smidge of plaid. It's fresh, festive and sophisticated.

I think Oliver is a very well trained little dog. Read the full story on Erin's blog, Elements of Style. This makes me rethink black and white. Opens up so many seasonal options.

Every room of Barry Dixon's home has a tree. His niece, understandably, prefers this guest room. I love purple ornaments. As a child, I always hung the purple glass ornament. And re-hung it. Again.

Barry Dixon

A minimalist white tree with red birds. Very modern. Feels more Valentine's Day than Christmas to me but it is in keeping with the room's color scheme.

via Traditional Home

The roping and candles give this tree a lovely Victorian glow. Perfect with the architecture. Back in the day, Queen Victoria set what was then a new Christmas fashion by bringing a live tree indoors. Lit with candles. I'm glad the live tree fad became a beloved tradition. I'm glad the candles no longer are. I've seen a tree lit with real candles. Nothing, nothing could be more magical. And positively frightening.

I think I'll do a tree in the dining room this year.

love these klismos chairs. And the settee. via Traditional Home

Christmas 2010 I was enamored with red and magenta. Neither enhances my decor. It just feels like Christmas.

The wreath I hung on a mirror over the mantle. It was pretty but artificial; real flowers in a wreath don't last but a day. The garland on the mantle which I have no picture of, was a mix of fresh and artificial. 

In the foyer, my second and smallish tree in reds and magentas. It looks garish against the yellow walls which are not this yellow in real life. What was I thinking. 

The following year, 2011, it was real flowers. Fresh amaryllis in the foyer instead of a small tree. Why didn't I put in a few greens? Again, garish.

In the living room, silver mint julep cups held fresh white hyacinth and greens from the garden. I thought the hyacinths would work better with the Chinese screen than a garland. Looks a little rigid now.

What happened to the mirror over the mantle? Earlier in '11, it went up to the guest room. I replaced it with the hand painted folding screen my mother brought back from Hong Kong 40 years ago. The screen had been hanging in the upstairs hall. One of the screws holding the picture wire gave way and it came crashing down. It cracked, as can be seen in the upper left, and now it leans on the mantle in the living room. Much safer.

We always have two trees. A small one for the decorator in me. It's usually in the living room or foyer.

The family tree is a big affair holding center stage in our family room. Loaded with a happy hodgepodge of ornaments that we've collected over the years, many have stories we love to re-tell as we decorate the tree.

Old ones. I've had this ornament for 32 years. It's been hung so many times the little fabric roses are starting to unravel. Looks like a snowflake but it's really The Sun.

Eons ago I uncharitably accused my husband of losing this ornament. Well, it was no longer on the tree. I searched for days. Our lovely daughter was two months shy of her second birthday. She pushed her lion ride-on toy across the room, stopped in front of my dad, held up this crystal snowflake and said "look Grampa, the sun!"
She had stashed it in the little cubby under the lion's saddle.
There is nothing more adorable than a toddler. Yes, I've apologized to the husband. Many times.

This one was new last Christmas. No story other than it's proof of my occasional New England frugality. 2012 was a lousy year for the Red Sox. By the day before Christmas Eve, Bloomingdale's still had a tree full of them. And very reasonably priced.

How do you decorate for Christmas? Traditional? Complement your decor? Something new and different each year? Tell me, please.

There's still time to finish up your Christmas gift list. My pinterest board is packed with fun ideas for young and old. And a whole bunch of design books, because who wouldn't want one?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Love everything about this post!!

  2. I HAVE a silver punch bowl ... I now need a tree!! Love the different looks! xo

    1. Kim, thanks for stopping by! Hope you post of pic of your punch bowl on your blog!

  3. Hi Linda, I love how your holiday decorating blends well with your home style. The mantle with the white flowers is just lovely. I did not know you are a Red Sox fan. I live with two of them and my son is a Yankees fan. I accuse my husband of misplacing things, too.

  4. Erin from Elements has my favorite Christmas decor... love love. New follower! xm


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