Friday, June 07, 2013

Roses, Chartreuse Leopards, Ella and Louis

Ilse Krohn Superior Climbing Rose. More cream than white. Prolific bloomer. I love this rose. 

Nothing is quite as summery as green and white. I have plenty of it in my garden this week.

White rhododendron florets open with chartreuse leopard markings on the top petal only.

Flower bomb comes to mind as the first white peonies burst open.

"Butter and Sugar" iris flower just as the purples are nearly finished.

Clearly I have white and green on the brain. Also kitchens. What do you think about this color combo for the kitchen? Here are two very different looks.

I like that they styled the island to look a little messy, like we're in the middle of making dinner.  Kitchen design by Gideon Mendelson via HouseBeautiful. Not my favoritist of favorite greens, but A+ for innovation on the ceiling.

Clean and fresh. Retro brass and contemporary Lucite rev up the traditional cabinetry
Lynn Scalo Design via Decorpad

If nothing is quite as summery as green and white, nothing is more summery than Louis and Ella's Summertime. Her voice is creamy, like my rose. Sure to get your weekend off to a smooth start.

You can see more of my garden photography on my pinterest board.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. I really like that ceiling with the green and white patches! How fun - though perhaps not for me (if I were to design my own kitchen), but still really neat!

  2. I agree with natasha: wonderful idea to do something with a ceiling that is not a plain, solid paint job

  3. gorgeous garden. You have a green thumb to go with the green theme.


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