Saturday, March 09, 2013

Best Cures for Cabin Fever

We got over a foot of snow yesterday. I know I have a bad case of cabin fever because I trimmed my own hair this morning and am in denial about the snow. If jetting off to the tropics is not an option, here are five of my best cures for Cabin Fever:

A girl can always use another bottle of polish. The latest in 2013 Spring nail color.

#1: Mild cases. A manicure in any of the above colors combined with a set of these happy bangles will do the trick. Men should go for the manicure only, maybe just clear polish, but do buy the bangles and give them to your wife or girlfriend. You'll be cured and she will be over the moon.

#2: Moderate cases of Cabin Fever report a total cure after the above PLUS new shoes and a handbag. Does not necessarily apply to male sufferers.

Fom the top: Fendi Sequined BaguetteChristian Dior Silver PinkJ Crew Contessa Snakeskin Bow,  Chinese Laundry "Danger Zone" cap toe, Kate Spade "Jacey" slingbacks.

#3: Exceptionally severe cases (both genders) require changes to the afflicted's living space. New curtains in soothing, elegant blue are very effective, especially when combined with a fresh coat of white paint or subtle wallpaper. And plenty of flowers.

Design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard via AD.

Or put elegant blue on the walls with coralish pink curtains. And plenty of flowers; love these delphiniums.

Neutral walls with palest sea glass blue curtains work just as well. And a vase of white peonies.

Design by Anne Hepfer.

#4: Not all sufferers respond to blue. Be creative. Try white curtains and pops of pink. And dark pink peonies.

Design by Barry Dixon,

#5: Then there are Cabin Fever cases that only respond to more dramatic colors -- and prints!

I used Brunschwig et Fils re-introduced "New Athos" handprint for it's white-white ground and lush, rich colors.

I had the wrought iron curtain rod custom made with a "twist" in the middle to echo the twist in the hanging lantern.

This window is on the same level with the second storey. And there are no neighbors in that direction.

What are your favorite Cabin Fever cures?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. The green bedroom is great! A definite cure for cabin fever - especially the curtain fabric!

  2. Great shoes and the room by Anne Heplfr...fabulous - happy to find and follow your blog!!


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