Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What can we do?

I've been listening to the news, reading and thinking about the Newtown tragedies all weekend. 

What can I do? Nothing? Can a deranged person intent on violence be stopped? I do know that if that tortured soul does not have an automatic weapon fewer innocent people will be murdered. Maybe those innocent people will have a chance. 

I've never thought much of petitions until now. A guy named David G. started this petition on Friday and three days later by midnight on 17 December, I and 170,543 other people signed it. One hundred seventy thousand, five hundred forty-four people. A little more than five times the population of Andover, Massachusetts, and we are sending a message to the White House.

Here's the link to it: Petition the White House

If you don't like or agree with the message in this petition, there are plenty of others to search through. Or start a new one.

It is so easy now to let our Congress know exactly what we think. Click here for the United States Senate and choose your state from the drop down menu. Click here for the House of Representatives and enter your zip code. Every Senator and Representative has a page with an email link.

Petition the White House. Tell your Senators and Representatives what you think, whichever side you take. They need to hear from us as individuals, as parents, as a people, as a nation. They need to hear what we want, not what the experts, the professionals, the think tanks and the media polls tell them, or what the lobbyists want. 

The business consultants say the kiss of death for a designer and her blog is to write about political issues. I hope they're wrong.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Thanks for the links. You are so right: we can at least speak out and take a stand.

  2. I wish I was a US resident, I would l sign this in an instant.


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