Thursday, June 07, 2012

Chuck Fischer

Another room from the Kips Bay Show House I'd like to share with you. A huge thank you to Kravet, and the Kravet family, for arranging our tour of Kips Bay as part of BlogFest 2012

photo by Linda Pakravan

Chuck Fischer is an accomplished artist, designer and author. Tucked around a corner, his gem of a room combines these passions in the Writing Room.

Glowing in New York's late afternoon sun, Mr. Fischer at his bamboo desk. Chuck is friendly, unassuming, gladly posing  for pictures and graciously let me charge my camera's battery. A gentleman. Photo by Linda Pakravan

Fanciful in spirit, expertly drawn, meticulously rendered, Mr. Fischer's wrap-around mural envelopes the scribe in the warmth of a late afternoon in the tropics. Chinoiserie inspired, I imagine a tiny island in the South China Sea ages ago. Over-active imagination? Guilty.

Limiting a color palette is a good way to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Here we have peach and terra cotta and the effect is warmth along with the calm. Imagine if Mr. Fischer had done this in vibrant tropical hues? Exquisite, yes, but not optimal for work and reflection, or settling in this chair with a good book.

photo by Linda Pakravan

One thing I really like about this room is the mix of styles. Mr. Fischer blends a mid-century leather chair, the new contemporary bamboo desk, the on-trend floor covering. It gives the feeling of reality, as if we commissioned an artist to paint a mural but kept Mom's floor lamp and side table from the 60's. 

Reinforcing reality are bulletin boards on the closet doors. My first thought, (remember, I'm touring a show house) was, "hmm, interrupts the mural" and then smacked my forehead and said (I hope not out loud) "of course, every office has a bulletin board!" Where else to pin the ever-changing inspirations and important notes?!

Within easy reach, the bulletin boarded closet doors. Photo by Linda Pakravan

The trompe l'oeil swags and jabots are hand painted on wood; the roman shade is real. I think the folding screen obscures the HVAC unit. Pic from Chuck Fischer's facebook page.

My pictures don't adequately show Mr. Fischer's expert work. Several of his fabric and wallpaper designs for Brunschwig and Fils are in the permanent collection of the Cooper Hewitt, he's designed fabrics for Schumacher, the American Academy in Rome chose him as Visiting Artist, and he's been honored with commissions from The White House Historical Association. Chuck Fischer is an artist who happens to do murals. Clearly, he is not the decorative painter that easily comes to mind when we think back to the late 90's and early 2000's. 

What's your take on trompe l'oeil? Would you do a total wrap-around mural? For years I've envisioned my foyer done in the Hudson River School style but Chinoiserie is looking good. Next house.

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Linda Pakravan

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  1. This is so interesting. I'm glad to know about Mr. Fischer. His office is amazing!


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