Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Things about Spring I love. 


Lilacs and photo by Linda Pakravan.

New magazines. 

Domino magazine relaunched! But reviews are underwhelming. Don't spend the $11 on it. Meg Fairfax Fielding reviewed it on her blog, Pigtown Design. But one little bright spot of the mag was "The Catty Corner".

actually if they worked on this it could be very funny. I'm firmly entrenched in the do-er camp on flowers and happy to be there.  But "absurd quantities" sounds a little like garden envy to me. After all, that's why we garden, so we can put big arrangements on a table in the foyer, or wherever. 

And one of my favoritist of favorites, NEW projects!

I just started this Master Bedroom a few days ago. Nothing better than a clean canvas and a decisive client.
This master has a peaked ceiling, 16 feet at the highest point. These fabrics and wallpapers are tdf.  Can't wait to get this project finished and photographed.

Bathrooms are a favorite Spring project, and always fun. This one is in the works. 

clockwise from the top: pallet of tile, the shower before, the shower after it was demolished, a pic of Kohler's  HydroRail™-Shower-Column (great for renovations but just one for this shower), and Rich Reed carefully taking the old shower apart.

How about you? Planning a project or have one started? Would love to hear about it!

thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

and if you'd like design help for your Spring project, send me an email!



  1. Anonymous2.5.12

    It's fun to think of new projects in the spring but lilacs are my favorite part of the season!

  2. Anonymous2.5.12

    The 16-foot ceiling is what I'd love to have....I'd call you right up to design that bedroom for me!

  3. I do love lilacs as well! What kind of fabrics are you thinking for that bedroom? Would love to see pictures!

    1. Beautiful blue ones!

    2. I'm with you on the flowers bit: a LOT goes a longer way than a little. Thanks for blogging. I greatly enjoy your writing and pictures.


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