Friday, July 08, 2011

"I need a baby elephant!"

Keira Knightly, Vogue 2007
It is true. "I need a baby elephant!" was uttered by my then 4 year old daughter. She was serious.

Regardless of the current thinking on Babar, we loved him in our house.

Take a look at some of these great elephant items. All far easier to manage and care for than the real thing.

You can wear this lovely elephant cuff and know you helped save a baby elephant.
   Erin Gates a fabulous Boston designer and blogger, featured this cuff in her blog, Elements of Style
Shompole Signature bone cuff; a family of elephants in 18k gold walking under diamond stars at Indagare Souk.
Shompole donates 10% of profits to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to save orphaned elephants.
It is rare for me to feel the need for jewelry, but I need this cuff.
And I wouldn't feel guilty (well, not overly so).

This pair stands about 14-15" tall. I took this pic in Kravet's New York showroom at BlogFest2011 in May. I love these two.

Great nail head trim.

also from Kravet

cabinet knobs from PE Guerin

I know someone who would love this basin set in her bathroom.
Elephant basin set complete with monkey on the stopper pull. From PE Guerin.

Do you like elephants? Have any in your home? Here is a pop quiz: what is the difference between Asian and African elephants? A hint: it is not where they live...

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

if you'd love to have a home you love coming home to, with or without elephants, contact me!

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  1. PattyK8.7.11

    I love the elephant faucet! Too bad you didn't have that when you had that elephant wallpaper in your 1st floor bathroom. And remember the kids' elephant shower attachment? Do you have any pictures of that, and/or your old wallpaper?

  2. PattyK8.7.11

    Without looking it up, I am going to guess that the difference between Asian and African elephants has something to do with the size of their trunks and/or ears...?!

  3. I think its the ears...BUT I love that cuff! Absolutely stunning. I also think that faucet is pretty amazing, though I don't like the hot and cold tusk nobs because it reminds me of the many elephants that are poached for their beautiful ivory. I like my tusks ON the elephant.

  4. I am so totally in love with that bracelet too. I was looking at the faucet website and dang it if they don't have a foo dog set as well. I LOVE foo dogs!

  5. Meg, that Foo Dog faucet is fabulous! I'm saving it for a Foo Dog post. But my next house will have a set.


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