Monday, May 09, 2011

Bird and Feather

So far this Spring we've had:

  • a bird flying around inside the house
  • Mrs. Duck and her eggs are out in the front yard 
  • a pair of morning doves happily occupy the juniper 
  • and two little birds nesting in the rhododendron successfully fought off the predator trying to raid their nest

The last drama played out right before my eyes this afternon while tending my peonies.

We discovered the nest while raking away last year's leaves. All raking has ceased. I did not touch the nest.

Here are some of my favorite bird and feather items that don't fly and will make any home look good.

Looks as fresh today as when it was introduced back in the 60's.
Birds and Butterflies, fabric and wallpaper from Schumacher.
I would love to put this in a powder room, a kid's room, a guest room, my office...

Something in chinoiserie?

Enchanting, a scenic wall mural from Stark. I really like this mix of modern and traditional.
The upholstery has a Paris art deco vibe and I'm a sucker for pink, gray, and blue.

If wallpaper is too big of an investment, emotionally or otherwise, here's something smaller.

In or out of the brown box, these ceramic owls are charming, West Elm.

Pudgy Bird Paperweight, John Derian for Designers Guild.
Also from Designers Guild, Bouqueria Peony Rug.
Perfect for your little girl's room. Also in black and white for that gender neutral look. 

Paisley always reminds me of feathers. "Persia" luxury bone china from Prouna.
I am positive the tea tastes better from this pot!

Have you ever heard that birds in wallpaper are bad luck? Maybe this is just a Yankee thing.

What bird or feathery things do you have in your home? I've had a feather wreath in my kitchen for years.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. I am very surprised by how much I LOVE the paisley china! And I don't even like china! I always find feathers beautiful and whimsical, and you are right that paisley is like feathers - never thought of that before. GREAT POST! I've missed them over the past few days.

  2. I have a collection of a few bird nests on a shelf. (real, abandoned nests that I have found over the past several years). When did they first design paisley? I have always loved it. JoAn used to have a corduroy paisley culottes/jacket set in the 60s.

  3. re: Birds and Butterflies Schumacher wallpaper, designed in the 60s: I had a dress in the 60s that was very similar to that, only mine had more cartoonish owls and birds etc but then also had the black line drawings in the background with occasional colored bird. I like it.

  4. Anonymous10.5.11

    Hey....I believe my paisley suit was a skirt and jacket..but I did think (at the time of course) that it was the best thing since my pink and purple pastel sixties jeans...with flowers on them...OY...and to go back to reality, the pink chairs are beyond awesome.
    and - dont ask why, but i have a scrap of your paisley dress..JK


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