Thursday, February 17, 2011


When it comes to fashion, gray has been a wardrobe staple for centuries. 
Able to shift from grunge to gorgeous, gray does it all.

Traditional, and I do like traditional.

J Crew's Bird's Eye Tweed

Grungy grays, the perfect dress down palette.

And you thought gray wasn't sexy?

Sophia, Princess Palatine, around 1658,
from Emile de Bruijn's brilliant blog Treasure Hunt  

Out of the closet and on the wall, gray is incredibly versatile. Gray deserves all the current buzz and attention lavished on it in the press and blogs.

Gray knows no cultural boundaries.

Exotic. The Om Khaltoun Suite at the Mena House Oberoi, Cairo

Makes an elegant dinner partner.

One of my top 10 favorite rooms, Gerald Pomeroy's dining room for the 2008 Boston Design Center Dream Home.

It can be worldly, sophisticated.

I love this town house by Steven Gambrel.

And here's a combination rarely seen in Hollywood....calm AND glamorous.

  Jan Showers
Edgy. Bold.

And traditional.
Blue Gray paint from Farrow&Ball.

Have you noticed how colorful color looks with gray?

Do you think gray is too dark for your walls?

I've heard "too dark!" once or twice ----- especially when there is a glaring lack of lighting 
in the room.

When the sun sets, lamps are a wonderful thing.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. Even PeeWee Herman had a gray suit, and yes, that tiny red tie showed up well with the gray. Also, there are so many grays...warm grays and cool grays... my friend Sarah has a dark gray bathroom. It is in a rental condo. When she moved in, she thought she would dislike the gray. It quickly grew on her, and she gets compliments all the time on her gray bathroom walls.

  2. I love grey! And I love the gray walls with pink chairs!

  3. I like gray and pink together also. I can still picture this gray raw silk shirt with pink raw silk-covered buttons and a small amount of pink piping on the pocket. circa 1980 maybe.


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