Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Color and Drama

Frank Hodge of FD Hodge Interiors did this calm, sophisticated room for last summer's Museums of Old York Showhouse. I love the upholstered shutters and the skirted 4 foot square ottoman.

photo from NewEngland Design magazine
I met with my calm and sophisticated clients on Sunday and they made several decisions on their media room. They love Mr. Hodge's big, tailored ottoman, but need a little more color and drama.

This fabulous printed linen, Zanzibar in Cerulean, from Schumacher fits the color and drama requirements and will be displayed beautifully on a big ottoman.

The clients have yet to visit Zanzibar but they love the islands; they connected with this fabric immediately. Here's a cutting of Zanzibar on the sofa fabric.

The room needs additional lighting and a pair of these Moderne II sconces from  Frederick Cooper will hang behind one "L" of the sectional sofa.
There's an office with a comfortable club chair that can be seen from the media room. This metal garden stool adds an exotic touch and doubles as the chair's side table.

photo via Horchow

We also decided on a wool sisal area rug, some additional cabinetry for the kitchen, and a list of small items.

I'll post pictures after the upholsterer finishes the ottoman. I can't wait to see the room complete.

Are you brave enough to do a big print like this? Prefer something smaller? Less colorful? Are you a "solids" only? Would love to hear your comments.

Thanks for reading.
Linda Pakravan

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  1. You know, I guess I really am pretty much a "solids only" type for furnishings...I never realized til this!


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