the Mad Men Xmas table....

HouseBeautiful's pictoral review of vintage holiday decorating had some lovely bits of nostalgia, and one or two ideas that could translate well to today. Like this double runner from the December 1943 issue.

I've never seen a double table runner, and thought, I can do that.

But I'll skip the finger bowls.

So I copied and enlarged the pic.

Then, hold the phone! Look at all the cigarettes! Two at each place setting! In individual ash trays! A silver urn holding spares, matching lighter.

"Roger, darling, please pass the Zippo". "My pleasure, Joany."

Don't forget to include the American Cancer Society in your holiday giving.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Except for the cancer aspect of this, I would say, "how very cool..." and I don't even smoke.

  2. Beautiful table, but certain parties would say "there's not enough room for passing the food platters!"

  3. Maybe they did buffet style in 1943.


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