can't choose a color?

Doesn't everyone have a few loved ones or friends on their Christmas gift list that fall into the "unique and tasteful" category?

And of course staying on budget is a requirement.

Unique, tasteful and budget. The primordial problem giving rise to this observation: "having plenty of funds is no guarantee of good taste, however, having little funds and great taste requires a lengthy shopping expedition."

I've been admiring these lovely agate coasters from Blydesign thinking they might solve this quandary. They come in sets of 4, gold or silver edged, and a wide range of colors.

Katherine Bly Cromer handcrafts these natural beauties in Charlotte, NC. Here are just two color options.

This blue is beautiful.

Smashing pink!

And then this morning I got an email that they are now available in a mix of colors. Perfect for color lovers, or for those amongst us who just can't decide!

3-4" in diameter (roughly). A set of 4, a unique gift and a delight to the eye. $62, and Blydesign is offering free shipping through December 21st.

By the way, I receive no compensation from Blydesign. I just love them.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. I would love the GREEN ones. I am going to paint my living room green one of these days, when i find the right mossy green. (not a sagey green, but a mossy one)


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