Beautiful Fall Foliage

Today is the last day of a long, beautiful weekend.

We couldn't ask for better weather.

The South End, picture perfect.

Union Park complete with fashionably attired young ladies with very well-behaved dogs.

In Andover, North of Boston, leafy sidewalks.

A covered bridge aside, it doesn't get more New Englandy than this.

Don't be afraid to bring that beautiful foliage inside. A glass bowl or wide plate works very well.

Add a few fresh herbs, like rosemary, for fragrance and texture. Rose hips have an intetersting shape.

Fall foliage arrangements are so easy; they don't need water, no pesky insects, no dripping sap. 

They look good in the bowl and on the table. And they last a long time.

Fall foliage makes an easy, inexpensive tablescape.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

photos: all Linda Pakravan


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