Busy Bees, Alessandra Branca, Anna French

Chilly nights intensify the color of Fall bloomers.

This brave little guy was out working before 8 AM today. And flying around in the cold! I was wearing a down jacket and juggling camera and coffee.

The light was perfect. After I was done with the bee I was out on the deck photographing the color board for a new project. I like to see color boards in natural light as well as the room's light it will live in.

The whole scheme of things. Fabrics and wallcover.
Elizabeth print from Alessandra Branca collection for Schumacher,
Meander Velvet, Lawrence Plaid and Sheer Dot Embroidery from Anna French.
Underneath it all, Cholla Sisal wallpaper also from Anna French.

Then I pair the main fabric, the print, with the complementary or accent fabrics.

The print is from Alessandra Branca's collection for Schumacher. I love every piece in her collection. The other fabarics and wallcover are from Anna French, an English design house.

The print, cut velvet and the weave. Color, pattern, texture.

I have to fess up, until now I have never liked acid or chartreuse greens. They look so good when tempered with soft gray or dovey brown. Never say never.

And this beautiful, calm sisal wallpaper. It has an ever so slight suggestion of reflecting the light. And I really like this warmer gray. It will really give depth and character to the room.

Cholla Sisal in Smoke. From Anna French. Photo by me.

Just the thing for an office/guest room. I still have to figure out the desk. Acquire new desk or paint an old one. Gee, I can't imagine which way that will go. Anyone other than me remembers Paladin?

Have Brush, Will Paint

I didn't think so.

What's your take on acid and chartreuse?

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Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Don't care for acid and chartreuse usually but this is an exceptionally nice use of them:).

    1. I never thought I'd see the day when chartreuse showed up in one of my projects! Old dog, new trick. Woof!

  2. Linda the fabric choices are truly beautiful. Love this cool, crisp weather, and there are still some flowers blooming in my garden as well!

    The Arts by Karena
    Palm Beach Chic

    1. Glad to hear your garden is still going!

  3. Linda... I would never have thought that I would like that particular color combo but I LOVE it. The floral fabric is gorgeous. Enjoy your week!

    1. Same here. If you had told me last week I would be doing something chartreuse I would have laughed all the way through cocktail hour!

  4. Anonymous17.10.15

    I LOVE chartreuse! Love your fabric choices!

  5. Wow! I too, would have thought that I would never have chosen acid green for anything, until now. Love it with the softer neutrals, and add a wonderful layer of depth without overwhelming.


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