Living in Purple and Yellow

This is the first summer we've done deck railing planters. 
Bev, my good friend, suggested I post some pics. 
She really liked the color combination of the pale yellow petunias and bluish purple lobelia.

Luminous "Lemon Zest" petunias and blue lobelia.

We found the horse trough planters, coco liners, and the plants at
HomeDespot, the store I love to hate. 
Four are planted with the Lemon Zest petunias and lobelia. 
Two with lobelia and pink rosebud impatiens because
HD ran out of the petunias (I started too late).

Persian Lime tree in the pot on the table.

In high contrast to the clouds of bluish purple lobelia, 
the Lemon Zest petunias stand out like little luminous trumpets 
against the dark trees. 
This lemon yellow and bluish purple combination is a delight to the eye 
(mine anyway, I am really drawn to it).

Not coincidentally, purple and yellow are complementary colors. 
Conventional color theory holds that complementary combinations 
are balancing and especially pleasing to the eye.

The garden is one thing. 

Can the yellow and purple families live peacefully under the same roof? 
Here are five examples of different styles.

Pat Healing of HB Home on HouseBeautiful
Pat Healing's calm master bedroom. The art is the story here.

Alex Papachristidis. 
Sophisticated. Polished. Luxurious. Collected. Layered. 
The golds and brass are fine complements to the regal purple.

Alex Papachristidis on Elle Decor

Nicky Haslam. 
The suede coffee table is the perfect pick from the purple family to complement 
the ochrey yellows in the art. 
I am not ashamed to admit my eye gazes covetously on the bookcases. 
I frequently check my handy dictionary for definitions and did so for covetously. 
Nothing positive was revealed, hence the admission of no shame.

Nicky Haslam

Kelly Wearstler. Another perfect yellow/purple pairing keyed off the art. Architectural Digest describes the Wearstler look as "fiercely glamorous". I think she is fiercely fearless.

Kelly Wearstler on Elle Decor

Nick Olsen has the fearless gene too.

Nick Olsen on Veranda

And of course, Andy invented fearless.

Daily Mail

Like any color, you have to love it to bring it home. A caveat. Before ruling out combinations that we assume just "do not go" ask yourself why?

Bev, thanks for the suggestion and encouragement!

And thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Your flower boxes are gloriously beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Hoping rain comes your way soon!


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