Gifts for Guys that have all the Power Tools They Need

My pinterest board is loaded with gift ideas. Here are a few that might appeal to the men in our lives. This post is not sponsored by any product or company mentioned.

Chelsea Clocks have been hand made in Boston since 1897. 
The choice of Presidents and presented to kings. 
Coveted by captains of the sea and barons of industry. 
The Chelsea Cable Paperweight Clock is made with the same precision and skill. 
Perfect for his desk or dresser. Chelsea Clock

In design, one foot is in the client world, the other in the trenches with the trades.

Today as the guys were going through the client's punch list, I was writing this post. Focused on punctuation rather than the goings on about me, I distractedly voiced my thought, what would a guy consider a good Christmas gift?

From Wisconsin. 
Penzey's Grill and BBQ Rubs and Seasoning.
Guys like to grill.
They'll tell us it's the taste of the food. 

I think the flames and smoke have a certain appeal.

Anthony and his assistant Sean were on duty today. I have yet to hear a coarse or off-color word between the two of them. Sean regularly attends Bible Study and Anthony just recently stopped calling me Ma'am.

Designed by Brian Johnson of Boston.
City Map Glasses for his bourbon.

Not hard then to imagine my surprise when Sean immediately volunteered, "Anthony needs a blond." Anthony, "I have all the power tools I need." 

Me, "we are done with this topic."

Great stocking stuffer. City bar towels from Lulu and Georgia.
Not that anyone I know needs to mop his bar.
This towel works in the kitchen as well.

My life is full of these 30 second conversations.

Toulouse Dartboard from Jonathan Adler.
Don't hang it in the living room.

Since Anthony and Sean were less than helpful, what do you think?

Nautical Chart Cuff Links
Another Massachusetts concern, York River Traders.  
These elegant links can be customized with your favorite nautical location. 
Beautiful, if cuff links can be described as such.

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Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Anonymous17.12.14

    Oh, I love those city map glasses! It is getting harder and harder to choose gifts for my dear husband. Although since he's taken up flying, I do have that whole pilot-themed area of gifts from which to choose. And living down South I have become accustomed to "Ma'am" to the point I'm rather fond of it now.

  2. Santa - Please bring me one of those Chelsea clocks :) Such a handsome piece! Great selections, Linda. Merry Christmas to you all!! Warm greetings and good cheer!

  3. Hi Linda - Checking in to see how you are doing. You haven't posted in a while :( Hope all is well. Cheers


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